The prison drug deal that relied on a kiss

A HUSBAND and wife never got the chance to seal a prison drug deal with a kiss.

The Ipswich criminal's plan to have his wife smuggle drugs in to him at Queensland Correctional Facility at Gatton via a kiss came unstuck when prison staff insisted she did not have physical contact with the man.  

The 49-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the identify of his family, told his wife to wrap the drugs, two Buprenorphine, in plastic and put them in her mouth. He said he would take them from her when he kissed her.  

He called his wife the day before the arranged visit in April to make the plays. The call was recorded.

He arranged for his wife to take the drug from his 29-year-old step-daughter who was on the Subutex program.

The program is intended to legally assist people who are fighting a drug addiction.

He arranged to pay his step-daughter $40 per strip.

When his wife arrived at the prison the next day, security told her it was a non-contact visit and later found the drugs in her car.  

Ipswich District Court heard today the man was serving at 15 month sentence for traffic crimes.

The failed drug deal happened two weeks before he could apply to be released on parole.

Defence lawyer Scott Neaves said his client had been held in the same jail since the offence.

"It's unusual behaviour that two weeks before he had the chance to be released on parole that he does this stupid thing," Mr Neaves said.

In a letter to the court the man said he wanted the drugs to self-medicate.

The court heard the man had been sentenced to prison multiple times for traffic offences and he had criminal history in Queensland, NSW, SA and WA and he also had a criminal history from the Australian Federal Police.

The man pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a dangerous drug within a correctional facility.

He was sentenced to six months imprisonment to be served on top of his current sentence with immediate parole eligibility.

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