One of the crocs at Rockhampton Zoo's fresh water enclosure.
One of the crocs at Rockhampton Zoo's fresh water enclosure. Chris Ison ROK100517ccroc2

VIDEO: Horror end to man's bizarre Rocky croc crime

IT looks like Alex Michael Cope is going to have to scale back on the grog if he wants to avoid any repeats of his bizarre and painful crocodile crime.

A drunken Cope, 22, broke into the Rockhampton Zoo, climbed into a croc enclosure and stuck his hand in the water.


Not surprisingly the provoked croc took a bite.

As Cope quickly fled from the scene, he dropped his mobile phone.

A few days later, sporting multiple puncture wounds and stitches to his hand, he went to the cop station to see if the phone had been handed in.

Cope, 22, wrote to the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to plead guilty yesterday to one charge of trespass.


Rockhampton Zoo fresh water crocodile enclosure.
Rockhampton Zoo fresh water crocodile enclosure. Chris Ison ROK100517ccroc1

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox told the court Cope had climbed over a fence to get into the zoo in the early hours of Sunday, April 16.

Mr Fox said Cope then scaled another fence to get into the freshwater crocodile enclosure.

"He went to where the crocodile was," Mr Fox said.

"One of the crocodiles has bitten the defendant."

He said Cope dropped his phone escaping.

Police were called and blood stains were found on the edge of the crocodile's water area.

Mr Fox said a few days later Cope went to the police station to see about his lost phone and it was there he told police officers he was drunk at the time.

Magistrate Mark Morrow fined Cope $300 and ordered a conviction be recorded.

"It's a bit of a silly thing to do, sticking your hand into the water where there is a crocodile," Mr Morrow said.

It's not the first bizarre croc crime at the zoo in recent years.

Back in 2006, a 1.2m female crocodile, called Missy, was stolen from the zoo.

The theft captured national media attention after The Morning Bulletin reported the thieves were initially believed to have been after a cuddly koala, but when the koala fought back, they went for the croc.

Two years after the theft - the crocodile was never found - a Rockhampton man was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to the crime and a string of other thefts.

The court had heard the croc had refused to go quietly and had scarred the attacker with scratch marks.

The man's girlfriend was the getaway driver who reportedly got the shock of her life when she turned to find a 1.2m croc in her back seat.

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