Hopeland Hall finds new life in Laidley

OFFICIAL: Tabeel Retirement Village service manager Judy Bannerman cuts the ribbon to officially open Hopeland Hall on Thursday.
OFFICIAL: Tabeel Retirement Village service manager Judy Bannerman cuts the ribbon to officially open Hopeland Hall on Thursday. Lachlan McIvor

HOPELAND Hall arrived in Laidley late last year, split into two, and fresh from a 200km trip from the small town just south of Chinchilla.

Now six months later, the revamped building was officially opened on Thursday at the Tabeel Retirement Village.

The hall will be used by residents for lifestyle activities and meetings but will also be open for hire by the community.

It features a spacious indoor area, a kitchen, a large veranda and a stage which Tabeel service manager Judy Bannerman hoped would become a place where relationships can strengthen.

"It just gives me a feeling of accomplishment that we've been able to give the residents here at Tabeel somewhere where they can meet and build that community,” Mrs Bannerman said.

"It offers a huge variance to what we can offer... we're looking to do Christmas pageants and things like that, we've got a beautiful stage.

"We're looking to be able to provide that to the community as well.”

One Tabeel resident, Kevin Neithe, was a strong advocate for the hall and even though he was not there for the cutting of the ribbon, he experienced the finished product.

"It was nice for him to be part of that,” she said.

"We did actually have a little drink on the balcony out here the afternoon before he died, he came out and he drank and he thanked us all and said how wonderful it was that we managed to get this going.”

Marcia James-Robertson is the property strategist who found the old building.

"I really never build small buildings for people to enjoy, usually it's a high rise building,” she said.

"People are going to be in this every day enjoying it and I can see the joy on people's faces.”

It took a lot of work to turn it into the beautiful building that stands today.

"We cleaned it all, we made the ceiling higher and we added this outdoor area, we just revamped it,” she said.

"It's given it a whole lot of life and style and it fits in with the Tabeel area, it makes me feel that people appreciate it.”

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