Homeless woman hit with $1600 bill for false fire alarm

A WOMAN with drug problems who broke the glass to set off a fire alarm at the Ipswich CBD has been ordered to pay the QFES and a contractor's $1600 call-out and alarm reset costs.

Deanna Abigal Marie Goltz, 33, pleaded guilty before Ipswich magistrate David Shepherd to two dozen charges that included making a false fire alarm, obstructing police; possession of a knife in public on August 5, 2017; committing public nuisance; trespass; unlawful possession of controlled drug; fare evasion; and wilful damage to police property.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Goltz had been homeless and rightly or wrongly, carrying a knife "is a feature of life for people living rough".

He said he'd known Goltz since she was 16 and she suffered foetal alcohol syndrome.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said that at 3.30pm on January 4, Goltz broke the safety glass of a fire alarm in the multi-level carpark, pressed the button and left.

Mr Shepherd said it was not a small pocket knife but was in fact 16cm.

He sentenced Goltz to four months' jail for the knife offence with immediate release to parole.

Goltz was placed on an 18-month probation order for other offences with a $250 fine - sent to SPER.

Bushfire reported near Glen Esk

Bushfire reported near Glen Esk

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