History revealed in a creek

A CREEK bed in the Lockyer Valley has revealed two metres of solid sandstone carved away in a 24-hour period, a feat that would take hundreds of thousands of years to achieve under normal water flow conditions.

Lockyer Valley mayor Steve Jones said the site is a significant scientific find as it not only highlights the sheer ferocity of the water flow in the area, but also shows events such as this are more common than we believe.

"Estimates by scientists from the University of Queensland have put the flow of water in the normally quiet creek somewhere between 100 and 200 kilometres an hour," Cr Jones said.

"Enormous boulders, some the size of four or five cars were literally picked up and moved.

"The boulders weren't just rolled along, they were suspended in the water and moved kilometres from where they were picked up.

"The erosion has also exposed a series of past riverbeds proving major flooding has occurred before.

"Scientists have applied to study the area and undertake carbon dating, a process which will conclusively prove how often flooding of that magnitude occurs.

"The study, if approved and funded, will provide invaluable information.


"The sheer scale and magnitude of what occurred at this site is nothing short of astounding.

"To think water did in a day what should have taken hundreds of thousands of years under normal water conditions is astonishing."

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