OPINION: Hey ‘guys’ time to stop your constant criticism

IT'S been a big week for political correctness.

And what a waste of time.

I'm not too sure I even know a person who finds "guys" to be an offensive general term for addressing a group of people in an informal setting.

I'm not too sure I know too many people who found Sam Thaiday's virginity comments offensive.

However, when The Footy Show's Beau Ryan made his infamous "Asians eat dogs" implication, a few people were rightly offended.

Way to get the other team back onside, Beau.

And when I say team, obviously I mean a team of individuals nondescript in ethnicity, gender and/or sporting prowess; I want to be politically correct here.

The march towards political correctness is a relentless one.

Once "guys" is wiped from the workplace vocabulary, chances are pretty darn high we will just find something else.

Even so, this aforementioned relentless march seems to strike up the band every day.

Ironically, what needs to happen to stop it all may well be just that: let them strike up the band.

The more they say, the more ridiculous they look.

The less we say, the more ridiculous they look.

Let's take a look at the scoreboard of recent times to prove my point.

First, Sam Thaiday reminded us all that professional athletes are in fact capable of possessing some modicum of personality.

Then, the more sensitive among us reminded us all that professional athletes are not supposed to have a modicum of personality.

One point to my team.

Secondly, we were told it was no longer appropriate to use gender-specific terms such as "guys" while informally addressing a group of people.

Well, we were told by the more sensitive "guys". One point to my team.

At this rate, if anything, political incorrectness is mercifully walloping its more prim and proper counterpart.

And then Beau Ryan had to sub in…

Because thirdly, our Beau asked an Asian interviewee on a Sydney street which dog they would like to have for dinner.

Wow. Way to let them back into the game, Beau.

Yes, there are some things that clearly cross the line in modern society.

I'm not saying for a second that everyone should say whatever the flip they want without the slightest thought for others' feelings.

But please, for the love of God (or indeed whichever holy or non-holy figure you choose to worship; I want to be politically correct here), please try to notice when you're complaining about something…alongside three or four other people in the entire nation.

Because in such cases, chances are you're being a tad dramatic.

As "guys"-gate and virginity-gate have dominated tabloids and Facebook news feeds over the last week, so too have I noticed how ridiculous the offended among us really do sound.

In other words, please stop complaining; it only makes people like me want to offend you more.

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