Here comes the rain: Queensland to cop a drenching

QUEENSLAND is set for a cool and wet end to the week with showers expected to move down the coast bringing up to 100mm of falls in some drought-affected regions.

Meteorologist Brett Harrison said rainfall is expected to increase from Wednesday between Cairns and Rockhampton.

"We expect rain to become heavier with some heavy falls possible on Thursday and Friday in the same sort of area.

"There's a good chance many areas will receive more than 100mm through that three day period," he said.

Mr Harrison said the central coast region around Townsville and Mackay are likely to receive the heavier falls.

From Friday the rain will track towards the state's south east and is expected to bring between 20mm - 50mm to parts of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

"On Friday and Saturday we will start to see the rain weaken somewhat and move towards the south east with widespread showers and patchy rain," Mr Harrison said.

Mr Harrison said temperatures will be cooler than average across most of eastern Queensland from Thursday due to the thick cloud cover.

At the same time a trough affecting western Queensland is also expected to bring some showers and thunderstorms throughout the west of the state.

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