Hemp future looks healthy

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Hemp Food Australia managing director Paul Benhaim.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Hemp Food Australia managing director Paul Benhaim. Contributed

BANGALOW-based Hemp Foods Australia has signed off on two new contracts worth $20 million.

The business - which produces hemp seeds, oil and protein products - has established new contracts with organic farmers in Australia and New Zealand to grow hemp which will result in a retail value of $20 million of new products.

"Both the fibre and seed will be processed with world-leading technology," said Paul Benhaim, chief executive of Hemp Foods Australia.

"The fibre will be harvested using a new mobile decorticator used to create high-grade fibres for use in textiles and other industrial products.

"This Australian breakthrough is a world first."

Mr Benhaim said seeds harvested from the plants would be sorted and cleaned using new equipment and the resulting higher quality seeds would enable the creation of premium oils and protein powders that would put Hemp Foods Australia at the forefront of the growing international market for hemp foods, currently estimated at $1 billion.

"This is a very positive step towards more sustainable farming in Australia, not to mention the millions of tonnes of CO2 these crops will suck out of the Australian atmosphere and millions of dollars worth of new Australian jobs that will be created immediately," Mr Benhaim said.

"Best of all will be the health benefits to Australians who take advantage of hemp foods as they become available."

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