The Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski.
The Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski.

The heart of rural life

NATALIE Gruzlewski summed up the challenge of finding love in the first episode of The Farmer Wants A Wife by saying "The path to true love is never easy; it's the rivers we cross, the mountains we climb, the deserts of distance between us".

With Michael Buble's song Haven't Met You Yet playing in the background, we were introduced to the six farmers searching for the one: Tim, Trent, Frank, Will, John and Kev (pictured above).

The track record of this reality TV show speaks for itself with four weddings, one engagement and four farmer babies.

Now in its seventh season, the show continues to help some of Australia's most remote bachelors get a second chance at love and, for some, get the opportunity to fall in love for the first time.

Guaranteed there will be a few tears along the way, maybe a little heartbreak and a few shocks and twists, but host and confidante to the farmers, Gruzlewski said love was definitely in the air.

The farmers have already had to make some tough decisions, and no doubt each week it will get harder for them as the numbers of their potential soul mates reduces.

But Gruzlewski said the farmers had seen how the show had worked in previous seasons and were prepared for whatever was thrown at them.

"My role is just to introduce them to their potential partners," she said.

"I offer advice but ultimately it is their decision.

"They must choose whether they follow their heart or their head."

If you have missed the start of the series, there is still time to catch up.

In true reality show fashion, Gruzlewski recaps on the farmers' journey towards finding a bride.

But you can also watch the episodes online. So far the handsome and charming farmers have come face-to-face with 36 women.

All six farmers were given five minutes to get to know their six chosen girls and make the decision that would bring them one step closer to finding true love, selecting three who would join them on the farm for a 10-day stay and sorting out who was ready for a life as a farmer's wife.

In this series, the farmer's cupid (Gruzlewski) sent the boys into a spin with the biggest twist yet - a seventh speed date, chosen by their nearest and dearest.

There were some tears as the bush boys made the big decisions, but with love on their minds it was hard to hide their excitement.

Back at home, sparks are flying as the women flock to the farms, but who will find love and who will end up broken hearted?

Like all romantic tales, it is the journey (not just the end result) that everyone loves to watch unfold.

And with Gruzlewski keeping tight-lipped about what was in store for the hopeful farmers, that is exactly what we are all going to do - wait and see.

The brunette beauty said The Farmer Wants A Wife struck a chord in everyone, whether you have loved and lost, never been in love, have been heartbroken or are falling in love right now.

Whether you are a cynic or believer, this show pulls at your heartstrings.

"People can relate to what they're going through," she said.

"That is why this show is so popular and successful."

It's love on the farm with unexpected twists. But who will be standing at the altar?

The Farmer Wants A Wife - Nine - Mondays at 7.30pm

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