Production on multiple films and TV shows have been pushed back this year thanks to COVID-19, with the latest victim being the upcoming movie Don't Worry Darling starring Chris Pine, Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, directed by Olivia Wilde.


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Production of the movie, which has been shooting in Los Angeles, has been shut down temporarily, after a production member tested positive for coronavirus, New Line reports.

Despite following strict COVID-19 protocols, the test was detected during routine testing.

According to Deadline, the studio would not divulge who came back with the positive test, however the publication figured out that it was not a cast member, but somebody who was in proximity to the main cast.


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Shutting down production was deemed necessary, to figure out if anybody else had been exposed to the virus.

Because of the positive test, cast members have been sent into routine isolation for 14 days.

Post quarantine period, the cast members and production will return.

Don't Worry Darling is a thriller/drama. Collider has reported that Florence Pugh will play an "unhappy housewife (Alice) who slowly begins to question her own sanity when she starts to notice strange occurances in her small, utopian community in the California dessert."

Harry, who apparently landed the role after actor Shia Lebouf pulled out, will play her "picture-perfect husband (Jack), who loves her dearly, but is hiding a dark secret from her".

Deadline added that it's a "psychological thriller set in an isolated, utopian community in the 1950s California desert."

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The script has been written by Booksmart writer Kate Silberman, and produced by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

Olivia Wilde will direct and star in the film.

While fans had been hoping for a 2021 release date, there is no official confirmation as to when the movie will be released.

With this new set back, the release date is even more up in the air.


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