Pauline Hanson.
Pauline Hanson. David Nielsen

Pauline Hanson a national security risk, says Tully

CONTROVERSIAL former politician Pauline Hanson has been tagged "a national security risk" by Cr Paul Tully in the wake of her inflammatory remarks since the Paris terrorist attacks.

Cr Tully said Ms Hanson's volatile rhetoric on Islam, the refugee situation, war in the Middle East and the Paris attacks had the potential to backfire in the worst possible way.

He called for Channel Nine's 'The Today Show' and Channel Seven's 'Sunrise' program to dump her as a commentator so as not to inflame right wing elements who may be seeking revenge on innocent civilians.

Ms Hanson has said that Muslims who were opposed to the attacks in Paris should "leave the religion".

She added that there should be "a Royal Commission into Islam" and has called for an immediate end to migration from the Middle East and countries she referred to as "Muslim" nations.

Ms Hanson also asserted that "ISIS plants" were among the refugees leaving Syria in droves due to the humanitarian crisis unfolding there.

On Monday Cr Tully tweeted that "in the interests of Australian national security, it's time for @TheTodayShow and @sunriseon7 to dump Pauline Hanson."

"The point I was making on Twitter is that the programs The Today Show and Sunrise should stop giving her air time because she is stirring up the Australian community unnecessarily," he told the QT.

"She is only doing it to keep her profile up for the next senate election.

"She doesn't represent anyone or hold any public office, but it is now an issue of national security with her regular appearances on those programs."

Cr Tully said Ms Hanson's inflammatory comments ran the risk of "stirring up hostile people in the community with her comments on refugees and war in the Middle East".


"It is very disturbing that she is stirring up right wing elements and her comments could backfire on the attempts of the Australian Government to maintain national security," he said.

"Her comments on the very thing she is trying to stop, could rile people into action."

Ms Hanson stood by all her recent comments and told the QT that "of course there has to be" a Royal Commission into Islam.

"I have been calling for this for a month," she said.

"Janet Albrechtsen said virtually the same thing I have on television, that we have to open this issue up for debate.

"Islam is using our constitution to push their ideology. But let's have an investigation into it.

"Is it really a religious ideology or a political ideology that is going to undermine our democracy, our way of life and our culture?"

"Sharia law is being practised in suburbs around the country, but it is not out in the open."

Ms Hanson said she was "not stirring the pot".

"Australians are standing up to this, and we can go back 10 years to the Cronulla riots which were because of the Muslims down there who impinged their views, and the way they treated the girls at a beach and bashed up a lifesaver," she said.

"This is why police won't go into suburbs at night."

Cr Tully, who has a long history of working closely with the migrant community to promote unity in the multicultural suburb of Goodna, said the former Ipswich fish and chip shop owner and Oxley MP should drop out of the public arena.

"She is a spent force in Australian politics and should ride off into the sunset," he said.

Ms Hanson said Cr Tully was "a career politician who is spruiking off to get his face in the papers".

"He got it wrong in 1996 about me and he's got it wrong again now," she said.

"I was on Ipswich City Council with him and then he was the one who came out and called me a racist with my comments in a letter I wrote to the paper in 1996.

"From that it went national and the people of Ipswich got behind me and I won the seat of Oxley with the biggest swing in the nation because I related to people.

"The same thing is happening now and if you look at my Facebook page now and the responses I am getting I am relating to the Australian people because I am one of the Australian people."

Paul Tully has served in the Ipswich City Council for 35 years. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Paul Tully has served in the Ipswich City Council for 35 years. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams




What you're saying on Facebook:

Ali Burns: "Why? Because she's saying what everyone else is too scared to say? She seems to be the only standing up for the wellbeing of this country. It's very sad when those that have the power to make a difference are too busy trying to be politically correct."

Salena Davis: "Pauline Hanson warned us years ago this would happen. N no one listened. Humble pie much. Pauline has been the voice but no one wanted to listen. You have my vote Pauline Hanson."

Ailsa Walsh: "She is vomit. Everything she has said and will say is vomit. First it was us Aboriginals then Asians now Muslims. She needs to just disappear."

Salena Davis: "Pauline Hanson is the only politician who stands up for Australians. She is only saying what other people are thinking but too scared to say."

Paula James: "I disagree with Paul Tully, does that make others a threat as well?"

Wendy Emmerson: "She is an absolute fool, I feel embarrassed for her every time she opens her racist mouth!"

Elliott Goodacre: "When politicians want something banned, they just call it a national security risk. #Freespeech."

Kylie Neibling: "Watching Sunrise this morning, Kochie was chatting to Pauline about the current Terrorist act and Australia letting in refugees. Kochie sat and actually listened to Pauline and what she had to say. Once upon a time I remember seeing Kochie chatting to Pauline and making her feel very small with her views. However today was a different Kochie, like he was actually listening to what she had to say. Interesting."

Jacqui Scott: "Yes a national security risk and an embarrassment for Australia, I am sure Paul Tully has an education.....not so sure about Pauline."

Caleb McGaw: "And what happens when she's right? Who's to say there isn't Isis in these refugees? How can you tell. I feel sorry for the people of Syria who are genuinely trying to seek refuge. But what happens when there is another thing like there was in Sydney? What happens if suicide bomber that may come in with the refugees target the suncorp stadium? It's happening all around the world, when will it happen here? There are so many questions. I for one will admit I'm scared this will happen close to home I think people need to hear what needs to be said. It's not going to be easy for real Muslims anymore. I feel sorry for them. What do they go through everyday now?"

Peter Bastian: "Pauline is only saying what the Politically Correct havent got the Intestinal Fortitude to say. The truth."

Kirsty Baker: "ISIS and these dam refugees are the "National security risk"... If people haven't noticed!"

Karen Mace Atfield: "Seems the only aussie right now not cowering but telling it as it is."

Paul Wilson: "Inaction and political correctness is our national security risk! Pauline is one of the only ones willing to "go there"!"

Phil Baker: "She speaks the truth. She speaks what the overwhelmingly majority of true australians think."

Maree Geerin: "Why play the blame game? Don't say Pauline Hanson is a security threat! The security threat are the Islamic terrorists and hate mongers that were allowed to come here. Turnball is the one who is putting Australians at risk by allowing more into our once beautiful safe country."

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