Pauline Hanson to drive monster truck in election 'gimmick'

CRUSHER: One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is set to drive a ‘Monster Truck’ over red and blue obstacles today, symbolising the crushing blow she anticipates the major parties will suffer on July 2.
CRUSHER: One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is set to drive a ‘Monster Truck’ over red and blue obstacles today, symbolising the crushing blow she anticipates the major parties will suffer on July 2. Digitally altered

PAULINE Hanson intends to do maximum damage at the polls to the major parties at the July 2 election in her senate run as the leader of One Nation.

But that is nothing compared to the destruction she intends to unleash in a 'Monster Truck' today at Doomben where she will ride roughshod over blue and red obstacles.

The 'blue', substitute LNP, and 'red', take that as Labor, symbolise the major parties polls shows the electorate is set to desert at the upcoming election.

The former Ipswich fish and chip shop owner said her truck activities were "a gimmick" but also reflected what the populace believed, as evidenced by recent polls.

"It just reflects the public sentiment…that the major parties are not indestructible," she said.

"There is a huge groundswell of sentiment against the major parties. People are fed up with them and I think they are all going to get a rude awakening at this election.

"They are both so similar. It is like they say 'you take your turn this time and we will next time' and all the while nothing changes."


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Ms Hanson said that, on a personal note, both parties had "colluded together in whatever way they could to try and stop me".

"After they saw I won 23 per cent of the vote at the Queensland election (in 1998) all the major parties (nationally) preferenced One Nation last.

"Peter Beattie changed the legislation in Queensland so the judge could give me a longer sentence (for alleged electoral fraud).

"It was made seven years, retrospective, whereas the electoral act called for six months in jail or a fine.

"The option of seven years gave me a criminal record and never being able to stand for politics again…but I had that overturned."

Ms Hanson said she had travelled across Queensland and the economy was not going as well as the major parties have people believe.

"I see so much government waste and jobs for the boys. We need a big broom through the whole lot," she said.

"They have just given themselves a 10.5% pay rise (in Tasmania) and that is unfair.

"Joe Hockey said that the age of entitlement was over, but that starts at the top. They can't expect people to tighten their belts when they won't."

She said major parties were making promises that were unsustainable.

"Where is the money coming from?

"They are going to put this country in so much debt," she said.

"People are struggling to pay mortgages and put food on the table.

"If people don't pay their debt back the banks claim their house or possessions, so they wonder 'if we can't do it how can the government keep borrowing?'"

Ms Hanson said she was "quietly confident" that she would be elected to the Senate.

"And I wouldn't be surprised to pull two Senate seats," she said.

"I need 7.5% per cent but (analyst) Antony Green has said you don't need that much to win the last seat.

" It will come down to who wins the most votes.

"There are 12 Senate seats in Queensland and I believe I can win on my own right.

"I have grown in experience over the years and in politics, as my father said, is a 'dirty game'.

"I haven't got into gutter politics like they do.

"I respect the people and believe in letting them have their say at the ballot box.

"But the major political parties are out there… conniving, undermining and sleazy.

"That is how I, and a lot of people, see them and it has got to stop."

Ms Hanson is about to embark on a tour of Queensland, by car and plane, which will see her travel past Cooktown to Cape York, inland to the Atherton Tablelands and to regional centres such as Mt Isa and to Roma, Charleville and also Chinchilla.

"I'll be away until June 27 and visiting the entire state," she said.

"I will travel to remote areas, organise my candidates and have meetings with the people along the way.

"It is full on."

One Nation has 31 candidates at the upcoming election across the nation in both the Senate and lower house.

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