Green Lantern: a good action flick

Mark Hawtin with his wife, Susannah, at the Green Lantern premiere in Brisbane.
Mark Hawtin with his wife, Susannah, at the Green Lantern premiere in Brisbane.

I WAS lucky enough to get a double pass to an advance screening of Green Lantern.

I took my wife along without first telling her that the movie was of the comic book superhero genre and going deliberately vague when she asked me what it was about.

I have to admit, I am no great fan of the genre myself, but I do enjoy stunning special effects, especially when they are in 3D and the movie did not disappoint in that department.

The story itself came across as a mixture of Star Wars (including the variety of alien life on the Green Lantern Corps' home planet of Oa being reminiscent of the bar scene in the Mos Eisley Cantina) and Superman (only this time wearing a green costume), with a little bit Top Gun thrown in for good measure.

There was plenty of action and good use of the 3D effect.

As expected, the superhero representing the best of all us here on Earth, was a cocky young American. This Ben Afleck look-alike had a slightly bad boy attitude coupled with some emotional issues going on.

The movie was really about how courage and determination (represented as green "willpower" in the movie) can overcome fear.

There were a few genuinely funny moments, such as when after having saved her life, the Green Lantern calls upon the heroine (and his long-time friend).

He is dressed in full costume, hoping to impress her. At first she is in awe of this superhero, but slowly, recognition dawns on her, whereupon she asks in an almost disappointed way, "Hal is that you?" Thus proving once and for all, that those silly little masks that superheros wear don't fool anyone.

My wife did enjoy the movie but also commented that it was a "boy's movie." I would tend to agree.

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