Gatton, Lockyer and Brisbane Valley Star sports notes

Gatton, Lockyer and Brisbane Valley Star sports notes from February 4 edition.



Saturday, January 31, Single Stab.

Winner division 1: P. Kuhn 44 points.

Runner-up: P. Robb 39pts o.c.b.

Winner division 2: G. Wylie 41 points.

Runner-up: E. Wright 41 points.

Ladies winner: S. Heise 34 points.

Runner-up: J. Heath 33pts.

NTP: (2) J. Young 109cm, Liz Nelson 51cm 2nd shot, (9) R. Winrow 0cm, Leona Sheraton 250cm 2nd shot, (11) L. Hayne 375cm, (15) L. Smith 109cm.

Approach: 12 A. Bailey 805cm.

Ball run down: Men 37, Ladies 30.

Eagle: 13th Jamie Soppa.

Next game Saturday, February 7, Monthly Mug.

Juniors commence back on February 14.

Hit off back nine, arrive at 7.20 to hit off at 7.30.


Thursday, January 29, Open Single Stableford.

Winner: P. Saunders ocb 41.

Runner-up: D. Sippel 42.

Rundown: M. Scantlebury 40, P. Dwyer 40, K. Niemeyer 40, P. Quirk 40, R. Newsham 39, V. Bales 37, B. Victor 37, C. Gleeson 37, B. Heathwood 37, B. McDonald 36, R. Bodsworth 36, A. Renner 36, P. McGuigan 36, A. Wraight 36, N. Emmerson 36, J. Ward 36.

NTP: (2) K. Niemeyer, (5) L. Gillam, (11) P. Quirk, (14) G. Milady.

Approach: 3/12 P. Saunders.

Saturday, January 31, 4bbb Stroke.

Winner: E. Hoger and M. Sauer 58.

Runner-up: E. Hoger and N. Lee 59, P. Quirk and J. Hewitt 60, W. Macfarlane and M. Bourke 61.

Run Down to 64.

NTP: (2) J. Grace, (5) B. McDonald, (11) P. Harris, (14) E. Hoger.


Wednesday, January 28, was the Ladies Putters Luncheon.

The 2014 Star Putters were Cheryl Sternberg and Judy Logan.

Winner for the day was Barbara Panzram with 35 points from Helen Gray 34, Marie Voorma 32, Jan Sippel 32, Margaret Brown 32, Jenny Paroz 31, Cheryl Sternberg 31, Chris Scheiwe 30, Enid Llewellyn 29, Judy Logan 28, June Blaney 28, June Taylor 27, Trish Harris 26, Flo Lee 24, Jill Darley 22, Laurel Taylor 19.

Thursday, January 29 Open Event winner was Andrew Parker with 39 points from Andrew Paroz 37, Ken Hauser 36, Ray Holmes 36, Chris Creedy 36, Wayne Offer 35, Ken Belgrove 34, Troy Devantier 33, Roger Gray 31, John Morris 30, Graham Lever 30, Glen Natalier 29, Jock Taylor 24, John Lewis 26, Petal Davis 26, Dave Laughlan 25, Erik Hindson 25, Bob Irwin 24, Les Clark 21.

Saturday, January 31, the Ladies played a single stableford and the winner was Judy Logan with 39 points from Jenny Paroz 38, Barbara Panzram 35, June Blaney 33, Chris Scheiwe 31, Sandy Littlejohns 30, Cheryl Sternberg 29, June Taylor 29, Jan Sippel 25, Helen Gray 23, Marie Voorma 22, Enid Llewellyn 21.

The Men's winner was Alex Van Ansem with 41 points on a countback from Nathan Faulks 41, Nev Emmerson 39, Andrew Parker 38, Chris Creedy 36, Paul Anderson 35, Garry Rodgers 35, Wayne Offer 34, Craig Barrett 34, Greg Zischke 34, Mick Broomfield 34.

Others: J. Neuendorff 33, G. Heuston 33, T. Anderson 33, J. Haddrell 33, R. Gray 32, T. Stapleford 31, K. Goebel 31, J. Panzram 31, C. Petroholis 31, A. Paroz 31, C. Crack 30, P. Bird 30, B. Jurd 29, E. Hindson 29, C. McKay 27, K. Luck 27, J. Morris 27, G. Sternberg 25, R. Mole 23, M. Acutt 23, K. Hannant 22, J. Taylor 19, R. Pohlner disq wrong h'cap, J. Morrisby disq wrong h'cap, D. Heathcote disq no h'cap, M. Smyly disq no h'cap.

Pins: A Alex Van Ansem, B Craig Barrett, C Martin Acutt, 9 Chris Petroholis, Pro 8 Marie Voorma, Pro 4 Greg Zischke.


A good field participated in the season-opening Gatton Bakehouse open.

The winners: A-grade: Damian Higgins, 38 points on countback, runner-up Ron Weatherby 38.

B-grade: Jade Bachmann 40, runner-up David Simon 39.

C-grade: Errol Dodt 40, runner-up Craig Bachmann 39.

In the rundown: Brock Harm 39, Les Beckett 38, Anthony Bauer 38, Craig Brown 38, Warren Raddatz 37 ocb, Bob Miners 37 ocb.

NTP: (3) Darryl Krenske 273cm, (7) Tim Exelby 104cm, (10) Terry Tate 136cm, (13) Craig Mellon 216cm, (16) Ron Weatherby 151cm.

Birdie Hole was #16 with Damian Higgins the only recipient. Jade Bachmann won the lucky card.

The highlight of the day was pairing of Craig Bachmann and Andrew O'Brien.

After a wager 12 months ago, Craig was forced to wear a pink skirt and pay $50 to breast cancer.

A total of $466 was raised in a wonderful effort.

Gatton Ladies

The novelty golf game and barbecue held on Australia Day was a great success with 40 players teeing off.

The best-dressed Aussie golfers were the Spears family who were splendidly decked out in Australian colours.

The winners of the 2 person ambrose were Emily and Steve Spears who scored 33 net.

The runners-up were China Smith and Rhonda Tillack, 35½.

Pins shots went to Mal McDonnell, Anthony Bauer and Dave Simon.

The 11-hole chook run last Wednesday was won by Margaret Grant.

Margaret is on a winning streak as she also won the single stableford event on Saturday, scoring 37 points to win a much needed pair of golf shoes donated by Gatton Bakehouse.

Margaret has suffered some injuries of late and it is good to see her back in winning form.

The runner-up was Sharon Weatherby, 34 points on count back from Veronica Weier, 34 points.

Rhonda Van Ansem Brooker and Carol Blake were in the rundown, with 33 points each.

The pin shot on 3 was won by Carol Blake.

The lucky card went to Betty Walther and Mandy McDonnell and Peg Carmichael each enjoyed a chocolate.

Today's event is a single stableford, hit off at 8.30 am.

Saturday's event if a single stroke, monthly medal and putting.

Sub Juniors

On the first day back for 2015, Calvin Leslie proved that practice makes perfect, winning the single stroke competition on the top 9 holes with 34 net.

Caleb Dennett was the best putter of the day with 14 putts.

The 6 hole players competed in an Ambrose competition and the winners were Noah Dennett, Reuben Livingstone, Ryan Hamilton and Amber Scanlon.

Welcome to Amber and Jake on their first day playing in a sub junior competition.


Thursday, January 29, Single Stroke.

Winner: D. McTaggart 65nett.

Runner-up: R. Bertram 70, C. Nielsen 73, C. Pettet 74, W. Ingleton 76, D. Bunton 77, F. Brown 83, G. Lockett 85(L), M. Sutherland NCR(L).

NTP: 4/13 C. Pettet, 8/17 D. McTaggart.

Average turnout for our Thursday competition.

Don blitzing the field to take a clear win.

Richard one of the new members getting his first podium since joining.

Friday, January 30, Turkey Run.

Winner: Peter Peterson 37 net.

Runner-up: Joe Gough 38 net.

Saturday, January 31, Ray White Rural Esk Sponsored Open Day 2 Person Ambrose.

Winners: C. Morgan - N. Skeen 61net.

Runner-up: G. Aylward - J. Dean 63.

Ladies Prize: J. Marschke.

Long Drive: N. Austin.

Accuracy Drive: T. Friedrich.

NTP: 1/10 D. Harper, 2/11 D. Pratt, 3/12 C. Morgan, 4/13 J. Marschke, 5/14 J. Marschke, 6/15 T. Edwards, 7/16 L. Robson, 8/17 N. Austin, 9/18 T. Edwards.

The Ray White-sponsored Open Day was a huge success.

All the winners coming from Toogoolawah, so they definitely got their revenge from last week.

Chris and Nick having a clear win, with Gavin and Jake taking runner-up spot.

Another Toogoolawah pair Michael and Judy just missing runner-up spot by .25 of a shot.

Judy made up for it by taking 2 pin shots, and scoring a birdie on number 5 hole.

A couple of the Esk boys managed pin shots, Des on 1 and Lyle on 7.

Sunday, February 1, 9 Hole Chooky Fun Day.

Winner: C. Wheeler 29nett

Runner-up: B. Farnham 29, C. Pettet 30, R. Bertram 31, N. Sutherland 31, W. Ingleton 32, M. Sutherland 33(L), G. Lockett 34(L), B. McDonald 36, G. Steele 36, M. Scott 39, S. Wilson 39, L. Latter NCR.

NTP: (13) C. Wheeler.

Good turnout for Chooky, Chris finally getting a win.

Had to wait while he got some handicap back, but he now loses 3 shots so he needs a good score to get another win.

Bret just missing out on a countback for the win.

So only loses one shot, Chris taking the pin shot, so loses one more off his handicap.



Gatton Ladies, January 29:

Jackpot won by K. Thompson and .J Denley.

Scores: E. O'Keeffe, V. Giles and L. Peters 24, K. Thompson and J. Denley 21, R. Williams and J. Kipping 19, B. Barton and R. Carsburg 14.

C. Hess and B. Baldwin 10, D. Muller, L. Reck and S. Brown 6.

Next week: February 5, Men V Ladies.

Results of Gatton Men's Jackpot Bowls: The jackpot was not won.

Winners of the day: B. Barton and T. Nolan 32.

Other results: C. Moyle and K. Thompson 14, T. Arthur and L. Derry 14, M. Horrocks and D. Lightowler 15, R. Williams and J. O'Keefe 18, C. Fizzell and J. Miles 19, D. Horrocks and P. MacAndrews 20, B. Gelhaar and B. Zischke 20, Bev Gelhaar and J. Baldwin 21, C. Hess and D. Osborne 21, B. Pearce and N. Hodgens 25, C. Daniels and T. Watson 30.

Free games awarded to B. Pearce and N. Hodgens.

Still need more men's players for the ladies challenge on February 5.


Wednesday Ladies Social Bowls: No Ladies bowls on Wednesday due to wet weather.

Ladies bowls is on Wednesday mornings starting at 9am, names in by 8.30am, new bowlers welcome.

Ladies competition: Nominations are called for A-grade and B-grade singles, names in book by February 7.

Saturday social bowls: L. Owen, C. Allen, D. Heaton def N. McGill, C. McGuire, F. McGourty 23-16; C. McGill, J. Dowd, G. Weier def J. Norfolk, B. Donaldson, C. Burgess 24-10; C. Bowles, J. Walker def J. Barbary, M. McDonald 27-16; J. Zillman, R. Knight def A. Steinhardt, R. Weier 26-16.

Jackpot was won by J. Barbary, M. McDonald.

Men's competition results: J. Dickson, H. Haines, S. Panzram, W. Haines df K. Green, F. Ellicott, T. Watson, N. Ziebell 28 - 12.  Men's social bowls is on Saturdays, play starts at 1pm, 12:30 pm.  Bowlers please note green fees are now $12.  Super Challenge: The Laidley teams played very well to win on all five rinks, well done.  The next round is on Sunday, February 8, at home against Carina.  Players selected are D. Weier, G. Lee, T. Nolan, D. McGuire, D. Bowles, W. Kellond, T. McGoldrick, C. Ziebell, B. Pearce, S. Panzram, W. Haines, D. Lightowler, J. Dickson, and F. Ellicott.  Roll up is at 10am with play starting at 11am.  Men's Competition Call: Men's Fours round 1 to be played by March 14: C. Bowles, G. Lee, D. McGuire, D. Bowles v G. Herbert, R. Weier, F. McGourty, B. Elliott.  Mixed Pairs Final to be played as soon as possible: C. Kellond, W. Kellond v J. Dowd, T. McGoldrick.   




  Tuesday, January 27, One Off Pub Day at Lowood saw a full green.  Winners were B. Wright, E. Maddox, D. Schimke, V. Swanson.  Runner-up: R. Lucas, D. Fitch, M. Fitch, D. Stewart.  First round was a team skipped by W. Bell, 2nd round team skipped by Rusty of Ipswich. Wednesday, January 28, Ladies Social Bowls. Winner: T. Rossiter, J. Hall.  Runner-up: C. Murcott, A. Dunning. Friday, January 30: Night bowls was well attended with lots of raffles and prizes. No results. Coming Events: Wednesday, February 4, Ladies bowls 9am for 9.30am start. Friday, February 7, night bowls with heaps of raffles, prizes and fun.  So come along and enjoy the cool night air, names 6pm play 6.30pm. Nothing booked in for the next couple of weekends but things could change so have a look at the boards to keep up to date. Competition boards are open for men's comps, also West Moreton Challenge board looking for more names.  Spud and Onion Day down for February 21. think this one is full but things change so call into the clubhouse and check all the boards out. Sunday, February 22: Men's Committee Meeting 10am sharp.  


Gatton-Glenore Grove Rifle Club.

Saturday, a hot sunny afternoon for another tilt at 600 yd, accompanied by a strong northerly breeze and the threat of a storm.

Top shot for the day: for the peeps C. Greenwood with 99.6; for the scope standard, G. Chandler with 118.4; and scope open D. Reddan 115.4.

Peep out of 105.21: C. Greenwood 99.6 and R. Bowman 92.5.

F Class Standard out of 126.21: G. Chandler 118.4, L. Turner 116.4, T. Schulz 110.0, K. Hartwig 105.4, C. Clark 101.3, R. Olm 101.1, S. Perry 101.0, R. Perry 98.1 and B. Mansfield 84.0.

F Class Open out of 126.21: D. Reddan. 115.4.

Next week is members' choice, 300 yds, proceedings start at 1pm sharp.

Due to restricted space, some sports notes missed out. However, a full list of sport notes can be viewed online at

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