Dane on a long road to recovery

A TEMPER tantrum and an airborne golf club were enough to tear apart Dane Parviainen's skull and life as he knew it.

Daniel Betts, the son of Dane's father's girlfriend, is now in jail for what his barrister described as a “brain snap” on the course.

When Mr Betts is released six months into a two-year sentence, Dane will still be learning how to read, write and walk.

“I think (Daniel) got the sh**s, threw it and smashed my head,” Dane said.

“He's not the worst guy in the world, but you can't go around doing that.

“It has ruined my whole life.

“What he did was just stupidity – just rage and anger.”

Dane's clear speech hides the injury that stole six months of his life – a black spot spanning most of his hospital stay.

He knows what happened on December 13, 2009, through descriptions from his father, who was on the Noosa Par 3 course with him.

His father explained how he lost half his skull when a sand-wedge struck his head.

In May last year, six months after Dane returned to the world, doctors covered his exposed brain and repaired his head.

Rehabilitation has been long and arduous but Dane is working towards becoming the man he was.

Qualified as both a chef and carpenter, Dane, 27, had worked his whole adult life.

In the years before his hospital stay, he would travel to Perisher Valley in the winter – snowboarding during the day and hitting the kitchen at night.

Dane's technique on the powder was honed during a lifetime on a skateboard.

“The last few years I would go to Perisher Blue – worked nights and snowboarded every day,” he said.

“I don't think I'll be going to Perisher anymore.”

Life as a carpenter is now “too brutal” for a man who becomes heavily fatigued after a few hours.

Dane's culinary prowess remains, but the many elements of recipes and styles become confused as he cooks.

It is the same with reading and writing.

“I can write my name,” he said.

“I can't write other things – the letters are jumbled. Everything has changed for me.”

In Maroochydore District Court on Monday, Judge Michael Shanahan told Mr Betts: “(Dane) has been permanently and severely disabled – you clearly threw the club with some force in the direction of people”.

Dane said he held some anger towards Mr Betts but felt justice had been done.

“I am angry in a way,” he said.

“But I feel bad that this has happened to anyone.”

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