Golf ball bomb maker appeals conviction

THE man sentenced to four years jail for making a golf ball bomb that destroyed an Ipswich teen's hands is pointing the finger at two other men.

Glenn Charles Dell, who is not eligible to apply for parole until he has served half the sentence, has appealed his grievous bodily harm conviction and sentence in the Queensland Court of Appeal.

A group of teenagers found the golf ball bomb, which was filled with ball bearings, and took it back to a West Ipswich house.

On May 10, 2013, it blew up in a boy's hands.

The same Ipswich jury that found Glenn Charles Dell guilty cleared his co-accused Mark Anthony Tear of the same charge.

Tear received immediate parole on a 15-month jail sentence for other explosive charges, though.

In the appeal court on Wednesday, Dell argued there were "no fingerprints or actual proof" that he had anything to do with the golf ball the boys picked up.

"I was convicted for something that I haven't done," he said.

Dell also argued there was evidence pointing to two other men, including Tear.

"(The first man) might have found or could have constructed it himself, or Mr Tear could have made it up ... when I wasn't at home," he told the appeal court.

"I wasn't always at home, I was always out; I was seeing girlfriends and my kids and that."

Dell pointed to evidence from the trial of neighbours saying explosions began in the area after Tear moved in.

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes noted that while Tear "clearly has a passion for blowing things up", he had no connection to the golf ball bomb.

Dell had admitted to previously making a golf ball bomb but insisted he detonated it on the Sunshine Coast.

"I took it to Beerburrum and let it off at Beerburrum and that's the only one I've ever made or ever seen," he told the court.

"But on occasions when I wasn't home, Mr Tear could have made it himself and deposited it without my knowing."

Crown prosecutor Caroline Marco said while there was evidence Tear had created explosives in party poppers and paper, the Crown case was that he could not be connected to the golf ball.

She said police found TATP powder, used in the bomb, in Dell's bedroom.

The appeal court justices reserved their decision.


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