Goal setting is important for a healthy, active life

You need to move it or you will lose it so maintaining health and activity may be a goal you want to set.
You need to move it or you will lose it so maintaining health and activity may be a goal you want to set.

AT ANY stage of our lives we can set goals and still achieve them.

You need to move it or you will lose it so maintaining/regaining health and activity/mobility may be a goal you want to set or have set.

If that's a bit broad for you, you could refine your goal to something like being able to tie your shoelaces by yourself each morning, or maybe keeping gravity at bay or even running a fun run.

So obviously goal setting is the way to achieve your goal, but you need to be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed - when you are choosing your goal.


Here's a couple of goals and how you can be SMART when working towards them:

Goal No 1. Reducing your golf handicap

Goal No 2. Walking further


1. Improve my golf handicap by five strokes.

2. Walk for 30 minutes a day.


1. Handicap is already set and is structured.

2. If you are not walking start with 10 minutes and increase duration slowly.


Both goals are certainly achievable.


1. Most people can lower their handicap.

2. Increase the distance within the 30 minutes as you get stronger and fitter.


Give yourself six months for both of these goals and devote time to achieve them.


Each of these goals has a similar format, using a different practice, to achieve the desired outcome.

Once you have set up your SMART goal then you can break it down into smaller ones, eg practising your short game for 20 minutes more, twice a week for the next four weeks.

Change the focus each month and you will find that you have 52 practice sessions each 20 minutes long, therefore plummeting your handicap.

Walk 10 minutes each day for the first week, increasing your time by a minute each week, and within 20 weeks, 30 min- utes a day will be achieved.

Some people don't set goals because they are afraid of failure, however failure can bring us one step closer to achieving success the first time.

If you don't make your desired goal by a certain time, re-evaluate and strive to the next goal.

I think you will agree achieving 60-80% of your goal is much better than not trying and getting 0%.


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