The Puma on Dawson Hwy was 113.5 cents a litre yesterday.
The Puma on Dawson Hwy was 113.5 cents a litre yesterday. Campbell Gellie

Man smashes window after text reveals cheating girlfriend

A COURT has heard the reason behind why a young Gladstone man smashed a glass window with his fist, was a text message.

Trent Robert Melaney, 20, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday to one count of wilful damage.

The court heard his anger stemmed from a text message he had received, which showed a picture of his girlfriend kissing another person.

On July 30, 2016 at about 3am, Melaney found himself near the Puma service station at Kin Kora, walking home from a party.

The court heard it was around this time he received the picture message of his girlfriend, and punched through the glass window as a result.

Police took prints from the scene however could not match them to any in their system.

However, it was later unrelated offending committed by Melaney this year that saw him brought down for the previous offence, after he was made to provide police his fingerprints.

The fingerprints for the most recent offending provided a perfect match to those taken from the smashed service station window last year; the same prints police were unable to find a match for.

Police were able to revisit the wilful damage charge from last year with new evidence, Mr Reece said.

The court heard police visited Melaney, and when interviewed, Melaney admitted to smashing the window.

Mr Reece said Melaney was "very remorseful" and highly cooperative with police.

"It was a fit of rage and a brief moment of being out of control," Mr Reece said.

"But nevertheless, still wilful damage," he said.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho ordered him to pay a $300 fine, but did not record a conviction.

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