Ghost hunters to investigate Lockyer Valley

INTERESTED in things that go bump in the night?

A new ghost hunter/historical group has its sights set on everything spooky in the Lockyer Valley.

Katie Harvey Paranormal and Historical Enthusiast Tours is Toowoomba based, but the group of ghost hunters is branching down to the Lockyer, starting out at the 128-year-old Woodlands of Marburg this Friday night.

KHPHE owner and tour guide Katie Harvey began having "experiences” as a little girl, and has been an active paranormal investigator for more than 20 years.

"I've experienced things like being touched or you hear them call your name. Over the years I got more involved in it and began researching,” she said.

"I was the co-founder of Ghost Hunters Toowoomba, but I started this tour about nine months ago because there are people who don't do investigation themselves, but like to come along for the spooky factor.

"I incorporated the history side into it because I'm a huge history buff.”

The history of Woodlands is chilling enough, with the property consisting of a five-level mansion overlooking its own cemetery, chapel and hand-built stone grotto.

"The mansion is allegedly haunted by the ghosts of its original owners as well as some priests who passed away within the mansion after it was turned into a seminary in 1945,” she said.

"Many locals tell legends of spirits, including one former servant at the mansion, who was pushed to her death down the master staircase.

"A ghost of a young child, Billy, who tragically drowned in the pool, has allegedly been seen running around the first floor and Mrs Smith has been sighted on several occasions looking out over the property from the master bedroom.”

The KHPHE group currently has 400 members and is growing, with most followers coming from the Lockyer Valley.

"There is a huge interest, the Woodlands tour has already sold out,” Ms Harvey said.

"We will have access to the inside of the mansion, we will cover the history of the mansion in the basement, then we will split off in supervised groups to investigate with equipment. We will be using K2 emf meters - which pick up on electromagnetic fields, a spirit box and we also use digital voice recorders for audio evidence with both of these.

"We hope to see some activity.”

Ms Harvey said the scariest thing she had experienced so far was during a private investigation a few years ago.

"We were standing upstairs in one of the main bedrooms, we began hearings things, getting touched and all the equipment was going off,” she said.

"Then the person I was with was grabbed by something that wasn't there and shunted forward.

"My group is also a way for people to connect with others who've had experiences, and sharing stories, without being judged.”

Ms Harvey said the Lockyer Valley was well known for its haunted areas.

"I have approached the Lockyer Council to do night history tours of the cemeteries down there but they said people wouldn't be interested, so if anyone out there is interested, please let council know,” she said.

"If anyone has any idea of where to tour, or where to do an investigation in the Lockyer Valley please get in touch.”

Find Katie Harvey Paranormal & Historical Enthusiast on Facebook.

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