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DV victim shares advice that could save your life

HER former partner is sitting in jail for brutally assaulting her, but that is cold comfort for one Maryborough woman who says she dreads the day he is released from prison.  

The woman, who the Chronicle has chosen not to name, said she is still terrified of her ex, the man who was sentenced to 10 months in jail for the acts of violence committed against her, which left her with five broken ribs and punctured lungs.

She feels that it is more important than ever to share her story after the death of several women, including Maryborough's Karina Lock, to acts of alleged domestic violence in the past few weeks.

"Any of them could have so easily been me," she said.

He was given the prison sentence in Maryborough District Court in June after he pleaded guilty to a series of charges, including grievous bodily harm, common assault and possessing dangerous drugs.

Having already served six months, including time spent in prison while he was in custody, he could be out in three months.

The woman's stepmother said she was stunned by what she viewed as a lenient sentence.

Short with a slim build, it is hard to imagine how this woman survived the attack in a Maryborough home.

On the day of the assault, she was dragged out of her brother's nearby home before driving her to his residence.

When they pulled into his garage, he forced her upstairs and then the attack began, holding the woman down on the ground and shaving half her head.

He used an axe to destroy her phone so she couldn't call for help.

The brutal attack did not stop there, he started kicking the woman in her stomach and chest.

"I thought I was going to die," she said.

"I told him, I warned him, and all his friends warned him as well, that something bad is going to happen if you keep doing this. He had me on the ground, kicking me in the ribs, telling me he was going to do this every day."

She waited for him to fall asleep before escaping out of window of his home.

"He told me to lay there. Just lay there and go to sleep.

"It's a bit hard when you've got broken ribs and punctured lungs."

The woman said she had been with him for about a year when the relationship turned violent.

He was made redundant from his job and when the money ran out, the stress began to get to him, she said.

The woman would leave him and then go back. The cycle of violence took a toll on her relationship with her family, who at one point disowned her.

Her stepmother said that the family had been left angry and frustrated, unable to understand why the woman just wouldn't leave the relationship.

She lost a job because he wouldn't let her do night or weekend shifts.

Sometimes she had been so badly beaten, she couldn't go to work.

She said he would blame her for the violence, telling her she "pushed his buttons".

"Some girls think they can beat anyone up, fight back or whatever, but I had no defence against him. "He would just hold me down and then I could do nothing."

The woman had some words of advice for other women who found themselves in violent situations.

"Just get out of there while you can," she said.

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