Get Gatton-centric with new magazine

THE countdown to the launch of the Lockyer Valley's new retail magazine, Gatton Centric is now on.

Gatton Centric is an initiative of the Gatton, Lockyer and Brisbane Valley Star.

Gatton Centric is your local retail magazine, produced quarterly and distributed with he Star to prime distribution areas.

Gatton Centric features your local business community from a range of industries, including services, retail, hair and beauty and farming.

Make sure you get your hands on a copy of Gatton Centric when it launches, March 30.

This niche publication will highlight the great retail opportunities available locally, encouraging people from all around to the region.

Areas to receive Gatton Centric

Adare, 4343 Black Duck Creek, 4343

Blenheim, 4341 Brightview, 4311

Buaraba, 4311 Buaraba South, 4311

Caffey, 4343 Carpendale, 4344

College View, 4343 Crowley Vale, 4342

East Haldon, 4343 Egypt, 4344

Esk, 4312 Flagstone Creek, 4344

Fordsdale, 4343 Forest Hill, 4342

Gatton, 4343 Glen Cairn, 4342

Glenore Grove, 4342 Grandchester, 4340

Grantham, 4347 Hatton Vale, 4341

Helidon, 4344 Helidon Spa, 4344

Ingoldsby, 4343 Junction View, 4343

Kensington Grove, 4341 Kentville, 4341

Laidley, 4341 Lake Clarendon, 4343

Lawes, 4343 Lefthand Branch, 4343

Lilydale, 4344 Lockrose, 4342

Lockyer Waters, 4311 Lower Tenthill, 4343

Lynford, 4342 Ma Ma Creek, 4347

Morton Vale, 4343 Mount Hallen, 4312

Mount Sylvia, 4343 Mount Whitestone, 4347

Mt Berryman, 4341 Mulgowie, 4341

Placid Hills, 4343 Plainland, 4341

Redbank Creek, 4312 Regency Downs, 4341

Ringwood, 4343 Rockmount, 4344

Rockside, 4343 Ropeley, 4343

Seventeen Mile, 4344 Silver Ridge, 4344

Spring Creek, 4343 Stockyard, 4344

Summerholm, 4341 Tarampa, 4311

Thornton, 4341 Townson, 4341

Upper Flagstone, 4344 Upper Tenthill, 4343

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