Dash cam footage captured the moment a woman climbed up on a man's super car in Ponsonby. Photo / Supplied
Dash cam footage captured the moment a woman climbed up on a man's super car in Ponsonby. Photo / Supplied

'Get off the car!': Woman slammed for sitting on $500k car

A MYSTERY woman has been slammed after she was caught climbing on the bonnet of a man's prized McLaren and posing for photos without permission.

With the car parked on the side of the road in Auckland's Ponsonby, the woman was seen walking over to the flash vehicle before pushing herself onto the bonnet while wearing boots.

Car owner Andy Ko, who was out with friends on Sunday night, was left furious after witnessing the incident from inside a bar.

"I went to meet a couple of friends in Ponsonby and got a park directly opposite to the bar we were in," he told the Herald.

"Then this girl who was in the same bar as us with her friends walked over to my car and started looking around. After taking a few photos she started climbing on the bonnet and puling herself up to the windscreen.

"I walked out and pointed at her yelled 'Get off the car!'. The girl quickly got off and went straight to the nearest cab and left."

Ko's car is a McLaren 675LT Spider - worth about NZ$518,000 (AU$492,000) brand new - and is limited to only 500 worldwide.

Footage of the incident was posted to Facebook on Monday with Ko appealing to the public to find out who she is.

"WANTED: Who the hell knows this *****??? Why would you climb on my bonnet!!!" the post read.

The alleged culprit then posted a photo of herself on the bonnet to an Instagram account before taking it down on Tuesday.

The woman posted the image in Instagram. Photo / Instagram
The woman posted the image in Instagram. Photo / Instagram

Ko said while he doesn't mind people taking photos of his car, he's angry someone would climb on it and risk damage.

"People always takes pics with the car and I don't mind ... but climbing on it is near vandalism," he told the Herald.

"Some people are so polite and respectful that would come up and ask if they can take a pic of it. Those are the ones that I would offer to open the doors and let them sit inside for pics."

It appears it is not the first time the alleged culprit has climbed on flash cars and posed for photos.

A previous image of the woman on a Ferrari was posted to an Instagram account, while a follower wrote on another photo: "Still hopping on exotic cars I see."

No damage was done to Ko's super car but he is hoping an apology will be forthcoming.

"An apology would be nice, and hopefully nothing like this will happen to any other car owners.

"I just wanted people to learn that their stupidity and misbehaviour in the public that they think nobody will see, can be wrong! They can and will be seen by the general public."

While Ko was left annoyed, a number of his friends have seen the funny side by posting memes of the incident.

Friends photoshopped the woman's photo onto images like Team New Zealand's sailing boat, Donald Trump, and Scott Dixon's Indy Car wreckage.

Ko said that while the memes made him laugh, the woman's behaviour is not acceptable and hopes it won't happen again.

The video has been viewed more than 9800 times.

- NZ Herald

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