Gervais plans Golden Globe targets

RICKY Gervais has warned anyone in the audience of the Golden Globe awards could be a target for his jokes.

The British funnyman is to host the prestigious ceremony for the second year in a row next month and has decided to be better prepared that he was in his first stint.

After explaining the "weird restriction" he gave himself last time, saying he penned his jokes "in an hour" about those involved in the show, the star but will take a different approach this year.

He said: "I'm ready to throw away the shackles of worry. I realise I can reference anyone in the room.

"The favourite things I said were the introduction - the one-liners about people - the Mel Gibson gag, the Paul McCartney gag, the Jennifer Aniston gag. If I can get more of that type of thing that's cheeky, a little bit naughty and risque but not nasty, I'll be happy."

Though he is looking forward to poking fun at other celebrities, Ricky insists he doesn't want to offend anyone and hopes his targets appreciate the jokes as much as the rest of the audience.

He told the USA Today newspaper: "I don't think I went far enough last year. Comedy comes from a good or bad place, and I think they know it comes from a good place with me. The last thing I want to do is genuinely offend anyone. I want the victims of the joke to like it as well.

"There's no victory in just being shocking. I think you've got to be interesting and engaging. I try to do it with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face. Hopefully, I can go even further this year and not be chased out of the country."

While Ricky believes he will be a better host second time around, he has vowed not to front the show for a third time.

He added: "Like anything you do for the first time, you immediately go, 'Oh, let me do it again, I can do it better.' Like the first time I had a go at golf, I wanted to go around again. I think I can do it better.

"I didn't expect to be invited back a second time. I won't do it a third so I've got nothing to lose."

The 68th annual Golden Globe Awards - which honour the best in TV and film -will take place at the Beverly Hilton hotel on January 16 2011.

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