George Brandis' dinner included $400 booze bill

Attorney-General George Brandis racked up a $1100 dinner bill on taxpayers during a visit to London this year, just a month before his government called on the poor to accept budget cuts and new taxes to help pay off the deficit.

Labor said the cost was obscene but the Attorney-General's office said the dinner was usual practice, because  Senator Brandis was hosting "important stakeholders".

A freedom of information request lodged by the Labor Party has revealed Senator Brandis opted for Australian wine on the night of April 4 when he dined with a group of senior British arts representatives at the Corinthia Hotel's fine-dining Massimo Restaurant.

The group ordered three bottles of 2010 vintage Tyrrell's Semillon-Sauvignon and supped on a bottle of upmarket Italian Vin Santo del Chianti Bonacchi dessert wine, as well as glasses of Laurent-Perrier Champagne.

The dinner cost taxpayers £627, with £228 in alcohol charges alone. Currency site XE said the Australian dollar was worth 56p at the time, meaning Senator Brandis's bill came to $1123, including $408 in alcohol. 

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