Personal trainer Jason Nielsen.
Personal trainer Jason Nielsen.

Dodgy doctor's note lands personal trainer in front of court

A PERSONAL trainer has admitted he presented a fake medical certificate to the Geelong Magistrates' Court in a bid to get his licence back.

But Jason Nielsen is fighting a charge of perjury that relates to verbal evidence he gave to the court while under oath on August 30 last year.

The man, who runs personal training and fitness classes around Geelong, is alleged to have presented a fake document purporting to be from a doctor at MedicAid that indicated Mr Nielsen had passed drug screening tests.

The document immediately drew suspicion from the jud­icial registrar on the day, Michael Bolte, who noticed the doctor's stamp was illegible and the absence of any contact number.

Mr Bolte allowed Mr Nielsen time to leave the court so he could obtain the proper paperwork, but the trainer never returned.

The doctor in question later stated to police Mr Nielsen never completed drug screens at the clinic, but said he had previously provided the man with an unrelated medical document.

Yesterday, the Geelong Magistrates' Court heard the case would centre on the words Mr Nielsen said in the witness box after he swore on the Bible to tell the truth.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Scott Bell said Mr Nielsen told Mr Bolte "here they are" - or words to that effect - when he was asked to present the drug screens.

But Mr Nielsen's lawyer argued he actually said: "I have a medical certificate" and therefore did not commit perjury.

"It is a medical certificate - it's a dodgy one," the lawyer said.

"He's simply got in the witness box and handed over a medical certificate.

"Mr Nielsen accepts it's a medical certificate that's been altered."

Magistrate Ann McGarvie adjourned the case to March 21 to allow time for a transcript of the evidence Mr Nielsen gave to court last year.

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