Game of Thrones star lied to his co-stars for a year

Iwan Rheon lied to his 'Game of Thrones' co-stars for 12 months in a bid to keep his character's death secret.

The 31-year-old actor played evil Ramsay Bolton on the hit TV show and revealed the lengths he went to in order to keep the plot hidden.

Iwan told BBC Radio 1: "It gets tough [lying to people] and it doesn't help that I'm not a very good liar so people ask me questions and it's pretty obvious."

The Welsh-born actor admitted he's relieved Ramsays fate is now out in the open - after spending the last 12 months keeping the storyline a secret.

He said: "[When your character dies] There's kind of a grieving process, even though I've known for such a long time - for about a year - but when you finally see it, it starts kicking in. It's kind of a relief as well to finally get to talk about it openly. I filmed it in December, it's been a while, yeah."

And speaking about getting his own character's death call, Iwan said: "It's usually about this time, when the scripts start coming through and you get a call if you're going [getting killed off]. The call to me was by David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], the creators, and they said 'Congratulations Ramsay makes it to the iron throne' and I was like 'No, sorry I'm dead aren't I?'

"You just get the call and it's nice of them to do that. They do a little joke, when you get that call you know what's coming."

And although Iwan would have preferred his character to have had a "dragon-related death", he was happy with the outcome.

He added: "I was pleased with it - better than falling down some stairs or something - that would be disappointing ... It was a great experience to be part of something so epic."

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