From eisteddfod to Hollywood

A RED carpet Hollywood premiere is a long way from the stages of Sunshine Coast eisteddfods.

But that is exactly where Alice Parkinson had planned to end up.

The former Coast girl's first major feature film premiered at an A-list affair in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Alice, who grew up on the Coast, is the main female character in the new 3D blockbuster Sanctum, an underwater adventure epic which opens in Australia today.

The film's executive producer is James Cameron, the man behind Avatar and Titanic.

It is the first major role for the stunning actress, who has also appeared in smaller parts in other major films.

Alice, who went to school on the Coast, acted alongside fellow Aussies Richard Roxburgh and Rhys Wakefield in the new film.

Dancing and acting identities on the Sunshine Coast told the Daily yesterday that they remembered Alice's talent as a youngster.

Win Lindsay, a former committee member of the Sunshine Coast Eisteddfod, said she remembered Alice when she was still at school in Nambour.

Ms Lindsay, who has seen thousands of talented youngsters during decades of involvement in dancing and theatre, remembered how talented Alice was.

“She was a big eisteddfod winner,” Ms Lindsay said. “A very talented little girl.”

In a media release about the new action film, Alice is quoted as saying she thought it was a good thing she had always been a bit of a tomboy.

“My happiest memories of childhood are climbing trees, rolling down hills and playing in the mud,” she said.

“So the action-woman role really appeals to me, as long as it's not just all about the action.

“Character-driven narratives excite me as well and Sanctum is certainly one of those.”

Alice has appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Where the Wild Things Are.

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