Fresh water a popular haunt

FRESH water anglers seem to be having the best luck of all the anglers I have spoken to this week.

There has been a fair bit of talk over catches in the various impoundments but Somerset Dam and Cooby Dam seem to be the most popular.

Bass and Yellow Belly have been hot and cold in Somerset but when they are on the bite the quality is very good.

Cooby Dam is fishing well around the edges for Bass in the shady spots, and, in the deeper spots, Yellow Belly on fresh baits.

There has been a few Cod in Leslie Dam but the low water level means that taking care of yourself and your gear is paramount.

The upper reaches of the Brisbane River towards the Lowood reach is also fishing pretty good for Bass and freshwater Jew.

Good luck to our local competition anglers Gavin Sticklen and Aaron Mogg for the upcoming Bass tournament at Somerset Dam.

Around the grounds

The creek at Nudgee beach is still fishing well for Whiting and Flathead around the tide and not just the run out also fishing well is the North Pine River.

Up around the Junction and the Four Mile creek area, Bream and Flathead are a pretty common catch.

A local landowner at Strathpine told me that his son was also catching good Bass from the bank of the South Pine River.

Saltwater fishos in the Southport Seaway have been reporting good catches of Jew and Trevally and even the School Mackerel are sheltering from the weather in the calmer waters.

Mud Crabs are again being taken from the creeks around the Pin area with Whiting and Bream in the usual spots but not in startling numbers or quality.

Trevally are common in the canals of the coast as well now and these are terrific fun on light tackle so have a go and if successful and you bleed them immediately and cook them while they’re pretty fresh they aren’t bad eating either.

Huge seas being whipped up by Cyclone Ului are making fishing offshore impossible but this should improve fishing across the board now this system is starting to die out.

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