Former nurse jailed for violent attack on friend

FOUR years after a fall-out between long-time friends ended in a violent fight, one is behind bars.

Elizabeth Robyn Sellen, 43, will spend much of this year in jail for the attack which left her former friend with a broken femur.

A jury arrived at Hervey Bay District Court on Tuesday ready for a trial but after speaking with her lawyers, Sellen decided to accept her fate.

The former nurse, who lost her job when she was charged, pleaded guilty to burglary, common assault and grievous bodily harm.

The court heard that in 2014 an argument broke-out between the pair after they ran into each other at a supermarket.

Sellen later drove to the victim's house at Gayndah and began hurling abuse.

She then threw and broke a plate.

It escalated when Sellen grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her against a wall.

"She (the victim) felt her throat tighten and eyes bulging," Judge John Robertson said

"You held her throat for about 30 seconds."

Sellen then threw the victim, who was older and smaller than her, into the kitchen.

The victim landed on her right side and "felt cracking" and "severe pain."

The result was a broken femur which required surgery.

The court heard that since the fight, Sellen had been doing her shopping in Mundubbera to avoid running into the victim.

There was no mention of what may have caused the friends to turn against each other.

Sellen was given a head jail sentence of 2.5 years.

This will be suspended after 10 months.

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