Forest Hill feels pinch of healing

A COMBINATION of re-building efforts and the recent heat waves have meant customers to the Forest Hill district have all but vanished.

Local business owner Miriam Bain said that whilst the locals themselves had been very supportive in helping the community re-build what was lost during the floods, it had been difficult to get the word out to the wider public that her store Mimmis, and other stores in the area were back up and running and open for business.

The eat street, as it's referred to by the locals, relies quite heavily on passing travellers to keep their businesses afloat.

“We've all lost stock and wages throughout the flood crisis, but now the flow-on effect of the lack of trade is really starting get tough,” Mrs Bain said.

“It's like a double blow.”

Mimmis, which opened to the public on November 11 last year is now turning to social networks like Facebook to entice customers back to the store.

Ms Bain said they are organising a re-stock for people that lost everything in the flood.

She is also collecting items at the handicraft markets, which is next on February 19 at the Ipswich Turf Club once a month.

“There are about 100 stallholders who do all handmade things and we will be accepting donations there as well,” Ms Bain said.

“It is good to see everyone in the area is making an effort to support local business.

“By going to the local supermarket, the newsagent, and the butcher and making a concerted effort to get what you can locally.”

She said people are welcome to come in and go through and pick up things.

“We have had people donating bags and we can give flood victims a bag full of goodies, with things such as materials and scrapbooking supplies.”

She said there is no time limit on donations and she is trying to push that on Facebook.

“We've been trying different things and encouraging people to come back out this way,” Mrs Bain said.

“Before the floods visitors would come through town and have brunch on weekends and browse around town, but that doesn't seem to be happening as much.

“Maybe they are still helping with the cleaning up after the flood and haven't had the time to relax.


“Our little community has so much to offer.

“Caffe Sorella does fantastic meals and of course Mimmis stock some wonderful handcrafted goods unique to the area, that are certainly worth a look,” she said.

As local businesses work through the rebuilding phase, they have urged the community to shop locally, as this will stimulate the local economy.

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