Jury shown messages of courthouse bomb threats

A JURY was shown a series of messages that were sent to the Ipswich court, including threats to shoot a magistrate in the head and detonating a bomb outside the courthouse as "payback for all you corrupt dogs".

Redbank Plains man Steven Roy Evans, 37, is currently on trial after being accused of stalking and using a carriage service to threaten to kill and threaten to cause serious harm.

He has been charged with nine offences.

It is alleged he was behind a series of threats that Ipswich courthouse received in 2013.

On the third day of Mr Evans's trial, the jury was shown a series of emails Ipswich courthouse received, including threats to kill magistrate Virginia Sturgess.

"i hate you virginia sturgess and all other corrupt magistrates, i will put a projectile of .22 in diametre through your head today" one message read, that was sent from an email address with Ms Sturgess's name in it.

One message also said if a particular person was not freed from jail then the writer would blow up Ipswich courthouse.

The emails carried subject lines including "bomb", "i hate you" and "you're all dead".

A computer forensic specialist, who had investigated the messages and examined Mr Evans's computer gave evidence on Wednesday about IP addresses (a computer's address on the internet) and various email accounts that were used to send the messages.

The jury was told some of the emails had been sent within minutes of an email account being created.

The computer expert also said he did not find any trace of these email addresses on Mr Evans's computer.

He said it was possible that a program had been successful in hiding this activity or that the email addresses were created on another device.

The jury was also shown Google searches that had been done on the computer, including how to hide IP addresses, information about a .22 pistol and whether a .22 would kill someone.

The trial continues. - ARM NEWSDESK

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