Rhonda Bauer stocks up at the IGA in Woongarra Street. Andrew Peever is behind the till.
Rhonda Bauer stocks up at the IGA in Woongarra Street. Andrew Peever is behind the till. Mike Knott BUNIGA

Panic buyers stock up in Bundy

THE Bundaberg region is running short of bread, milk and fuel as panic buyers stock up out of fear supplies will dry up due to blocked delivery routes.

Beemart Enterprises owner Nev Beeston said he was trying all sorts of ways to get fresh fruit and vegetables into the city.

He said he had already closed down his retail operation in Maryborough and was now just supplying to nursing homes and hospitals there.

In Bundaberg he would probably be able to keep his retail operation open until at least Friday.

“We’ve sent a truck down to Brisbane to see if it can get through on the back roads,” he said.

“But we source mainly from the Rocklea markets and they’re about to go under water.”

Beemart wholesale and retail manager Jason Beeston said they were able to source some local produce, such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

But produce that had to come from the Lockyer Valley, which was hit by devastating flash floods this week, would be unobtainable.

A Woolworths spokesman said the company had sent a convoy of trucks north from Brisbane to restock sites up the coast.

But if trucks could not get through, they would have to consider other options.

At Moloney’s 5-Star Supermarket, manager Joe Taylor said he was selling out quickly. He said the main problems were bread and milk, which he could not source.

Trevor Schulz, manager of Cornetts Supa IGA Woongarra Street, said the store had not been restocked since Friday.

“We usually get a delivery every day,” he said.

“At the moment we are mainly low on milk and bread.”

Mr Schulz said the store had a number of panic buyers who were stocking up supplies.

“We are predicting that by Thursday fruit and vege might be an issue if we can’t get anything through,” he said.

“You can still get plenty of brussels sprouts, though.”

Mr Schulz said the IGA should have enough red meat until Friday.

Coles spokesman Jim Cooper said the supermarket chain would reassess its needs daily.

“We are hoping that we can continue to make bread for the next week, but it’s difficult to say how long the current situation will last.”

Motorists also lined up for blocks to fill up their cars at service stations across the city.

Matilda on Walker Street ran out of unleaded petrol yesterday morning.

“We have had a lot of panic buying — they should be responsible, they can’t go anywhere because the roads are cut,” Matilda owner Gary Jensen said.

He said he had originally thought the service station would have enough fuel to last until Friday.

Mr Jensen said one customer had purchased 200L of fuel from him yesterday.

Bundaberg Regional Council urged people not to panic-buy fuel, saying it was being adequately sourced from Gladstone.

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