Flood recovery plans

A PUBLIC meeting held at Mt Sylvia State School last week has shed some light on the recovery plans for the severely-flood-damaged area.

More than 200 people attended the meeting to receive information about the recovery process at Mt Sylvia and surrounding areas.

Representatives from Main Roads, Department of Communities, Centrelink and Lockyer Valley Regional Council provided information to residents at the meeting.

Lockyer Valley Regional Mayor, Steve Jones, said the meeting shed light on what is happening in that area.

“There are big problems out there and it's about trying to find a way to fix those problems that are making life hard for people, and those are not easy to solve.

“The most important issue at the moment is communications because it's something that can really make life easier for people.

“If they had the mobile phone coverage they are wanting out there, then even if they are stuck and can't get in and out of town, they can talk to their loved ones, which takes a huge weight off.”

Cr Jones said the area had been largely forgotten in regard to the extent of the damage and the amount of people affected.

“There are still people out there stuck,” he said.

“We still have to get supplies in there to people who have been unable to get in and out since Boxing Day.

“The problem is the very serious damage and from our perspective, we can't get in there to fix our roads at Black Duck Valley and East Halden, because the main roads from Mt Sylvia to Junction View are so badly damaged.”

He said Telstra failed to attend the meeting in spite of the questions about the safety of the land lines and the possibility of mobile phone coverage.

“Their attitude to us has been one of not being interested in our area because there aren't enough customers out there,” he said.

“I am not saying they have failed to respond, but communication is everything.

“The time has come for Telstra to step up and be a good corporate citizen.”

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