Rowan Geoffrey Shorter outside Ipswich courthouse.
Rowan Geoffrey Shorter outside Ipswich courthouse.

Flasher mangled in road accident

AN IPSWICH man's night on the grog ended in broken bones and a bruised ego after he was run over by a car while flashing.

Witnesses saw Rowan Geoffrey Shorter running around on a busy street at Maroochydore at six in the evening with his trousers and underwear pulled down and his shirt pulled over his head.

The 29-year-old was struck by a car and suffered two broken legs, a broken pelvis, collarbone and neck and deep cuts from glass in his head, neck and arm.

Shorter told The Queensland Times outside the Ipswich courthouse that he travelled to Maroochydore to have a few drinks with his mates on July 16 last year and could not remember the incident on Main St.

“I went to the pub and got too drunk,” Shorter said.

“I had a few drinks and wound up in hospital. I'm lucky to be alive.”

Shorter said he was extremely embarrassed to face court charged with exposing himself and blamed the pub for continuing to serve him drinks.

“No more, it's the law,” he said, quoting a Queensland Government responsible drinking slogan.

“I think if I was in that state I shouldn't have been served any more drinks.”

Shorter pleaded guilty to wilful exposure but Magistrate Michael Quinn took mercy on him and ordered no punishment.

“It is a tragedy, Mr Shorter, that you sustained these injuries,” Mr Quinn said.

“It shows the danger of what seems to be becoming somewhat of a sport of people affected by alcohol playing chicken in traffic.

“The court can't impose any more punishment than what you suffered.”

Shorter was convicted but not further punished.

A conviction was recorded.

Defence lawyer Yassar Khan told the court his client had not drunk alcohol for the past four months and had recently torn a ligament in his knee.

Shorter, who is still unemployed, said he spent more than a week in hospital, received 17 staples in his head and sometimes had to wear metal leg braces.

“I'm still going through physio – I had to learn to walk again,” he said. “It's going to take at least 12 months to heal with the torn tendons.”

Shorter, who lives in Coominya – north-west of Ipswich – said he had changed his ways.

“I stay at home – that's it,” he said. “I've learnt my lesson.

“I'm just scared to get drunk.”

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