FIX IT: Risky bridge requires upgrades before lives lost

REPEATED accidents on a notoriously small Somerset bridge have led to a chorus of calls for a safety review.

Large, long vehicles are facing difficulty approaching Lawler's Bridge at Harlin, leaving southbound truck drivers crossing over the middle line, or worse.

Toogoolawah Police Officer in Charge sergeant John Cumner said it was a dangerous situation for truck drivers and motorists.

"There's been a number of incidents there where they've perceived they haven't had enough room, and have moved to the left and collided with the railing on the left-hand side," Sgt Cumner said.

"This has led to them losing control after they've exited the bridge.

"Not all of those incidents have resulted in injury crashes, but certainly substantial damage to heavy vehicles."

Moving or replacing the bridge would be extremely costly, but other options under consideration including reducing the speed limit, or realigning the northbound lane.

"The section of road is under review and investigation from the Department of Transport and Main Roads," Sgt Cumner said.

"There's been a number of options discussed, but in the end it will come down to what's viable and achievable in regards to that area."

There has been a gradual rise in the number of vehicles using the Brisbane Valley Highway, so improving risky areas is a high priority.

"There's an increase in traffic, particularly heavy vehicles, on that section of highway over recent years," Sgt Cumner said.

"I would expect that increase to continue, so we're certainly looking at that road now."

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