NEWLY released surveillance video shows Kenneka Jenkins stumbling about a hotel's hallways and its kitchen - where she was later found dead inside a walk-in freezer.

Video shows the 19-year-old leaving an elevator alone at 3.20am then struggling to maintain balance as she navigates The Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Rosemont, reports The Sun.

The video clip doesn't show the moment Jenkins enters the freezer but cops believe she did when she walked out of the frame.

Jenkins was officially reported missing on Saturday at 1pm and found dead in the freezer early Sunday morning at 1am.

She was last seen on the ninth floor at 1.30am on Saturday - around the same time she last used her phone to text her sister.

According to the young girl's mum, Tereasa Martin, police said Jenkins had let herself into the freezer while drunk, and died inside.

Earlier a viral video claimed to show Kenneka crying "help me, help me" at a party immediately before she was found dead in hotel cold room.

A Facebook livestream video, made just hours before 19-year-old Jenkins' body was found in a Crowne Plaza Hotel industrial freezer in a Chicago suburb, has been viewed four million times.

The footage was one of three videos made last Saturday night which police are now examining.

One of them shows the dead teenager, dressed in a white bra and ripped jeans, appearing to be smiling and slurring her words inside the Crowne Plaza hotel.

The videos, which include audio which purports to record the dead teenager's voice crying "help me", have spawned further videos in which the makers theorise "why" Jenkins was "murdered".

The murder theory videos have had tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Kenneka Jenkins body was lying in the hotel freezer as staff refused to look for her after she vanished while parting with friends.
Kenneka Jenkins body was lying in the hotel freezer as staff refused to look for her after she vanished while parting with friends. Facebook

The discovery of the body was almost a day after her friends had reported her missing.

At 4.30am last Saturday, Jenkins' friends called her mum to say they had lost track of the girl in the hotel where the group was partying.

The friends had Jenkins' mobile phone and the keys to the Ms Martin's car, which her daughter had borrowed for the evening.

Ms Martin went to the Crowne Plaza hotel to look for Kenneka at around 5am.

Hotel staff told her they could not start reviewing CCTV from the evening until Ms Martin reported her daughter's disappearance to police.

Frantic, Ms Martin telephoned Rosemont Police and was told to wait a few hours in case Kenneka turned up.

Police officially notified the hotel Jenkins was missing at 1.15pm on Saturday.

A search of all the hotel's public areas and the ninth floor, where Jenkins was last seen, revealed nothing.

Between 3pm and 4pm, police viewed hotel video footage but did not sight Jenkins.

The girls' family returned to the hotel at 6pm on Saturday and began knocking on the doors of guest rooms, which the hotel filed a complaint about to police.

Officers agreed to view the hotel surveillance footage again and at around 10pm on Saturday. They told Jenkins' family they had spotted Kenneka "staggering" drunk near the hotel's front desk at 3.20am.

Still at the hotel at around 1am on Sunday, Jenkins' family was informed by police they had found the girl's body in the walk-in freezer, which had double steel doors.

Ms Martin then began questioning accounts of the evening given by her daughters' friends, which differed.

Two different videos filmed hours before Jenkins's death then emerged.

The videos show a room with her friends and a group which included at least two men.

In a Facebook live video which began at 1.36am last Saturday, Jenkins' friends are listening to music inside a hotel room.

Hotel staff and police delayed the discovery of Kenneka Jenkins’ body, her mother Tereasa has claimed.
Hotel staff and police delayed the discovery of Kenneka Jenkins’ body, her mother Tereasa has claimed. Facebook

Kenneka cannot be seen in this video, but another video shared by Jenkins' close friend Monifah Shelton shows her in the hotel room bathroom on the same night.

The six minute video which does not show Jenkins, but claims to have recorded her voice, mostly features another young woman, Irene Roberts.

Ms Roberts, who is wearing mirrored wraparound sunglasses, sways in front of the camera as she talks to people and answers her phone.

Reflected in her sunglasses is what seems to be the outline of a man wearing a red T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers.

On "enhanced audio" versions of the video which have popped up on YouTube, men's voices can be heard talking.

At the 3:09 mark, on the video, a sound which some claim is a woman's cry of "help me, help me" can be heard.

Other snippets which are intelligible on the enhanced version include a women's voice saying "It's big ain't it" and a slurred voice which may be Kenneka's saying "I am enjoying myself".

In the video made by Kenneka's friend Monifah Shelton, Kenneka appears smiling and speaking in a slurred manner.

The pair also appear in a video shared by Shelton in the hotel elevator.

Police are now considering all three as part of their investigation into the young woman's death.

An anguished Tereasa Martin and members of Kenneka's family have claimed the police and the hotel have covered up the truth of what happened to her.

The hotel issued a statement saying, "The Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel and Conference Center holds the safety, security and wellbeing of our guests and employees as our top priority and concern.

"We are saddened by this news, and our thoughts are with the young woman and her family during this difficult time. All further questions should be directed to the Rosemont Police Department."

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