Fight the battle of the bulge

LAIDLEY has a new cause to fight the flab.

For members of the Laidley community looking to take part in the upcoming Community Weight Loss Challenge, it is a great incentive to start a new you for 2011.

The biggest loser also has the chance to win a grand cash prize, which is another incentive to get involved.

Fitness guru, Brad Flynn, is keen to get people eating and exercising in healthy habits to follow up on their New Year promises to their bodies.

“We have already had three current success stories with people losing up to 40 kilograms in just less than 15 weeks, so it is not too high a goal to set for yourself – anything is possible,” Mr Flynn said.

“We have new challenges starting and the people of Laidley need to make 2011 their year of change.

“If you are still a ‘work in progress' confirm your interest with us as soon as possible as positions are filling quickly. A number of people have already said ‘yes'.”

“The next community challenge is on Monday, February 28, at 6.30pm and it will be a great new group.”

“Jim Rohn once said, ‘you must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself'. That is something you are in charge of.”

Mr Flynn wants family members to spread the word about the sessions to get a healthier community.

“We will hold a class of 25 to 30 people, so we need numbers confirmed in the next few days.

“The more the merrier, and definitely the bigger the cash pool - we are now up to $1000.

“It is a 12-week program for weight loss and healthy habits and it runs for a full 12 weeks.”

He said it is a good incentive to get involved.

“A certain amount of money from each participant will go into the draw for first, second and third place prize pool.

“It is 12 weeks of education and motivation, whilst achieving personal goals and it is a lot of fun.”

To book or for more information contact 5466 5766.

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