A TOOWOOMBA man is fighting to be cleared of a parking fine he was given despite reporting the parking meter involved as faulty.

Barry Cunningham parked in Hume St recently and went to put $2 into the meter, but the coin didn’t register.

Late for work, Mr Cunningham went to his office and immediately rang Toowoomba Regional Council to report the faulty meter.

“Thirty minutes after taking my incident report the bombers stuck a ticket on my windscreen.”

Mr Cunningham, under the impression he was in the right, lodged a dispute with Toowoomba Regional Council to have the $20 fine waived.

His claim has since been thrown out.

“The council claim there was nothing wrong with the meter.

“Then why would I report it faulty 30 minutes before getting a ticket?”

Mr Cunningham is considering an appeal based not on the fine but principle.

He said faulty meters were all too common in the Toowoomba CBD and has filmed examples, posting a video on YouTube. You can watch this video in the player to the right.

“I’ve reported at least five incidents this year alone but there have been several others where I could not be bothered wasting 20 minutes of my time on the phone.”

Toowoomba Regional Council admits faulty meters were a problem, but only 30 of the city’s 1100 meters were currently out of action.

A council spokesman said an internal review process was available for residents who believed there “was a good reason not to pay an infringement”.

Requests for a review should be made within seven days of the fine being issue.

Application forms are available at Toowoomba Regional Council’s website or by contacting the customer service centre on 131 872.

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