Festival of small halls comes to Forest Hill

SAMPLE the internationally renowned Woodford Folk Festival when its off-shoot touring program, the Festival of Small Halls stops off at the lovely Forest Hill School of Arts tonight.

Festival of Small Halls is a unique concept visiting 18 regional communities taking in the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists and send them on the road to treasured  community halls around the country.

On the bill tonight are award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Rose Cousins and folk troubadour Jordie Lane.

Rose's folk/roots music is characterisedd by its dramatic, often sparse beauty, and has been chosen for a host of dramatic scenes in well-known TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Drop Dead Diva, while Jordie's country-tinged banjo and guitar-driven songs feature subject matter such as hocked diamond rings, Clancy of the Overflow's great granddaughter and aspirin.

Cost is $15 and tickets can be purchased at the Forest Hill Post Office or at the Door at 6:30pm. Under 13's are free.