Fed-up wedding photographer urges guests 'put phones away'

A FED-UP photographer has hit out at smartphone-obsessed wedding guests for taking 'crap' pictures and 'ruining' official pictures.

Thomas Stewart wrote a scathing post on his professional Facebook page, telling guests to focus on what is happening in front of them, rather than their iPhones or iPads.

"Look at this photo. This groom had to lean out past the aisle just to see his bride approaching. Why? Because guests with their phones were in the aisle and in his way," Stewart wrote.

The Australian photographer, who according to his website charges upwards of AU$2700 for his skills, said inconsiderate guests often wreck the special moment without realising.

"They [guests] have no idea how to stay out of our way. They often ruin many of our shots. They will make our photos worse," he fumed.

Stewart said pictures taken by guests were "usually crap" anyway, and called for wedding ceremonies to be technology-free and "completely unplugged".

Right, I've had enough. I want to talk to you all about guests using mobile phones / cameras at weddings. I want to...

Posted by Thomas Stewart Photography on Thursday, November 5, 2015

The frustrated photographer begged soon-to-be-married couples to ban technology during their wedding ceremony, giving suggestions of ways to ensure guests get the message - including writing it on a chalkboard, having the celebrant announce it at the start of the ceremony and hiring a plane to write it in the sky.

Stewart finished his open letter by reminding wayward guests just why they were there in the first place.

'They didn't invite you along to take photographs that they probably won't really look at anyway,' Mr Stewart said.

'So guests please, for my sake, and for sake of the two people getting married, leave your cameras at home and put your phones/ipads away."

The rant on Stewart's Facebook page appears to have resonated with many, with more than 90,000 likes. But not everyone is a fan of technology-free nuptials.

During the debut of her Autumn/Winter 2016 bridal collection in New York, Lebanese wedding dress designer Reem Acra sent one key accessory down the catwalk - a bedazzled selfie stick for all those brides who want to Snapchat their own vows.

"Posed pictures can look formal and serious, and the selfie stick will give everyone something to smile about," Acra later explained.

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