Fault sparks fire at Dalby biofuels refinery plant

A MECHANICAL fault is believed to have sparked a fire at the Dalby biofuels refinery early this morning, triggering a staff evacuation.

Two Queensland Fire and Emergency Services units from Dalby and a third from Toowoomba were called to the plant on Jandowae Rd about 2.30am.

The refinery's internal drenching system had activated when crews arrived on scene about 2.35am, with a staff evacuation in progress.

The fire, believed to have been sparked by a mechanical fault, was located about 15m - 20m up in the hopper in the dry powder and sand section of the refinery.

There were no reports of injuries.

It is understood the section of the refinery is located separate to the plant which processes ethanol and was the first grain to ethanol plant opened in Australia.

The plant makes first generation biofuels and also processes other biofuels using advanced technology which extracts sugars from agricultural fibres, crop waste residues and grasses.

The refinery operator, United Petroleum, has been contacted for comment.

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