Adam Fenton, 31, has died after falling from a cliff. Picture: SWNS/Mega
Adam Fenton, 31, has died after falling from a cliff. Picture: SWNS/Mega

Father found dead after getting cancer all-clear

A DOTING dad fell to his death from a cliff following his first night out with pals after he was given the 'miracle' all clear from a highly aggressive form of cancer just three weeks earlier.

Adam Fenton, 31, endured months of gruelling chemotherapy which shrunk his tumours and against all the odds cleared him of cancer.

But his body was discovered at the foot of cliffs on Newquay's Towan beach in the south west of the UK after he failed to return from his first night to the pub with pals since being cleared of cancer.

The roofer was planning his wedding to devoted fiance Carly Blackman, 33, with the help of their daughters Macie, six, Maddison, five, and his stepdaughter Bayleigh, 13.

Tragically, just two weeks earlier, the family had enjoyed a day out - and captured a treasured photo - at the beach spot where his body was discovered.

Friends of the family are now raising money to support full-time-mum Carly, whose benefits have been stopped following Adam's death last Friday.

Carly's mum Rebecca Watson, 53, said his death was a "mystery" and the family man was "happier than ever" and had "everything to live for".

Speaking on behalf of her distraught daughter, Rebecca said: "He got diagnosed eight or nine months ago and it was one of the most aggressive forms of cancer and in his heart, lungs and lymph nodes.

"He had six months of chemo and we thought we were going to lose him then. It was a miracle he got through it.

"The cancer brought us all closer together. We were going up and down from Derriford Hospital. The tumours were so big. It was so much.

"We never thought he would come out the other side.

"But he did.

"They said that the tumours had all shrunk.

"They couldn't say he was in remission but he had a scan and they had all gone.

"We were celebrating. We thought he would never get through it but he responded to the treatment. It was unbelievable.

"He got the all clear three weeks ago and now he's dead.

"They were about to get married and now the songs they picked for their wedding will be played at the funeral."
She added: "My friend started the fundraising page to help Carly. We are just so numb."

Adam was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma - blood cell tumours - around nine months ago.

After eight-and-a-half years together Adam and Carly planned to get married with a small ceremony later this year.

The proud dad was still too poorly to work, but gathered the strength for his first night at the pub with mates on July 28.

"It was just a couple of drinks. It was the first time he had been out in ages," said Rebecca.

Police are still trying to piece together what happened, but it is understood he disappeared and friends thought he had simply gone home, she said.

Carly went to bed after settling the kids, and woke up wondering where Adam was - until police knocked on the door to say his body had been found.

A dog walker found him at 6.30am and his death is currently being treated as unexplained.

"It's a mystery what happened," said Rebecca.

"I don't think he did it on purpose. He had his children, he had his family, he had the all clear, and he had everything to live for. He was so happy. I can't imagine him doing that.

"He was the most lovely and most loving and happy man. He was the most friendly person you would wish to meet.

"Telling the youngest girls was heartbreaking.

"They've been going to and from hospital helping their daddy fight cancer and now this."

Ms Watson wants the authorities to make the cliff safer, and speculated he entered the bushes not realising there was a sheer drop at the other side.

This article was originally published on The Sun.

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