Fantasy Tipping is under way!

THE Star's Fantasy Tipping Competition has begun for 2011.

This year we received a record number of entries with more than 200 readers entering the competition.

A few readers failed to nominate a trump player for their team which means the fullback in their side has automatically been selected for them.

In round one there were several injuries to key players and readers have had to use their 'Super Sub' after only one round. The Super Sub needs to be a player from the same position. The full list of players can be seen below the readers scores.

Thank you to everyone who did enter and good luck with your tipping.


Top Readers Scores

Eels Reel 40

Jill Washington 40

Jenmen 36

Matty K Maulers 36

Go The Eagles 36

The Happy Hippos  34

Graeme Sharpe 32

Hairy Bears 32

Squeaky Clean 30

Ykickamoocow 30

Carol Snelling's Team 30

Todd Bichel 28

Potsy 28

MCG 28

Better Than Last Year 28

Turbo Chargers 28

Jim's Team 28

Jordan Lyne 28

Brett's Bunny Good Things 28

J. & D. Picks 28

John Zischke 28

Deb Prentice 28

Tracy's Trumps 28

CJ Warriors 28

Kev Murray 28

Granny's Team 26

Shane Kajewski 26

Fours Galore 26

Scotty Sanchez 26

Benji's Bashers 24

Jayden Bennett 24

Wongas 24

Hollywoods 24

Yawny's Reds 24

On Ya Queenslander 24

Kade Martin 24

Wayne Lyne 24

Sharmane Jackwitz 24

Tim Pickering 24

Casdawgs 24

The Dump Street Squad 24

Peter Williams 24

Team Coconut 24

Jon Walk 24

Matthew Smith 24

Laurence Sabburg 24

Gavin Simpson 24

Lilys Lilypads 24

Kylie Nawratzki 24

NRMABroncos 22

Haydens Stags 22

Manly Mad 22

Asher's Allstars 22

Shane Kajewski 22

Mal J 22

Gatton Black Pig 22

Dad's Army 22

Zac Toohill 22

Dees Boys 22

Malambo 22

Mum's Superstars 22

Ryan French 20

Bennoss' Best 20

Nate J 20

Battle Stars 20

Ray Davis 20

Lolcano 20

Di's Demons 20

Daren Henderson 20

It's a Miracle 20

Dot Odgaard 20

Jimmy McKay 20

Bernie Drake 20

Lloyd Swan 20

Erin Walk 20

Kynan Nawratzki 20

Burgla 20

Peter Smith 20

Scorpions 20

TP 20

Just Nene 20

The Tiny Cheerios 20

Michael Spelleken 20

Ginger Ninjas 20

Tom Hayes 20

Grahame Bannister 20

Justin's Giants 20

Katie Spelleken 18

BD 18

Megan Hayes 18

Gazza 18

Cougars 18

Waldog 18

Neville The Devils 18

Three Sons 18

Ash Steene 18

Linda Lerch 18

Shaun Norford 18

Carl Zabel 18

Grant Casey 18

Vic's Vikings 18

Nimrods 18

Adam Joe 18

Connor Kleidon's Team 18

Old Roosterman 18

Stuart Gaitskell 18

Jak's Ticklers 18

Hayden Kleidon's Team 16

Trent's Teddy's 16

The Bombs 16

Izzy's Boys 16

Case IH 16

Team X-Treme 16

Renea Jackwitz 16

Mark Nawratzki 16

Stacey Beumer 16

Murphy's Marauders 16

Luke Zabel 16

Nathan Fisher 16

Danny Tewes 16

P&K Mowing 16

Red's Raiders 14

Kylies Killers 14

Master Splinter 14

Glenlyon Cods 14

Wooly's Team 14

Tangles 69ers 14

Wonder Boys 14

'A' Dizzles 14

Regoby 14

Michele Lyne 14

Ben Amos 14

Sebring 14

Cruisers 14

Christie McKay 14

Wendy Nichol 14

Dean Bichel 14

Matt Hogan 14

Jadaz Saints 14

Hemi Kingi 14

Top Guns 14

Dan Pearce 14

Julie Martin 14

Pomum 14

Tiger Tamer 14

The Slippery Eels 14

Watto's Winners 14

Brutus Bulldogs 14

Donk's XII 14

Reice Williams 12

Roy Wheeler 12

Fish 12

Jay's Titans 12

Margaret Clark 12

Ken's Multipack 12

Bradley Lyne 12

Greg Lerch 12

The Spotons 12

Chook's Champs 12

Jaimie's Jelly Beans 12

Rocket 12

I'm Good 12

Glens Gobsmackers 12

Posties Pick 12

Donald Spelleken 10

Andrew Martin 10

Stabel Team 10

Gatton & Laidley Real Estate Giants 10

Barry Casey 10

Jai Taylor 10

Stokesy Stars 10

Lil's Choice 10

Little Jew 10

The Boo Masters 10

K.T'S Team 10

Dennis Denuto 10

Brett Happy B Tumney's Specials 10

Ann Bichel 10

Chubbs Chasers 10

Rod Clark 8

The Remingtons 8

Stormers 8

Ryan Martin 8

Sue's Sweeties 8

Suprise Me 8

Phyllis Meier 8

Schmitler's List 8

Les Steffens 8

Tash's Terrifics 8

Donna Henderson 8

Jackaroos 8


Ruler's Rebels 8

Tim's Try Scorers 6

Dave's Raiders 6

Neblick 6

Wonky's Warriors 6

Jan Sharpe 6

George Baldacchino 6

Bic's Picks 6

Max Snelling's Team 6

Mick's Maulers 6

Mark Ashley 4

Year of the Rooster 4

Megan Sabburg 2

Paulene Crack 2



Josh Hoffman (Broncos)
Josh Dugan (Raiders)
Ben Barba (Bulldogs)
Nathan Gardner (Sharks)
William Zillman (Titans)
Brett Stewart (Sea Eagles)
Billy Slater (Storm)
Kurt Gidley (Knights)
Kevin Locke (Warriors)
Matthew Bowen (Cowboys)
Jarryd Hayne (Eels)
Lachlan Coote (Panthers)
Darius Boyd (Dragons)
Rhys Wesser (Rabbitohs)
Anthony Minichello (Roosters)
Wade McKinnon (Tigers)

Denan Kemp (Broncos)
Daniel Vidot (Raiders)
Bryson Goodwin (Bulldogs)
John Williams (Sharks)
Kevin Gordon (Titans)
David Williams (Sea Eagles)
Matthew Duffie (Storm)
Akuila Uate (Knights)
Krisnan Inu (Warriors)
Kalifi Fai Fai Loa (Cowboys)
Chris Walker (Eels)
Michael Gordon (Panthers)
Brett Morris (Dragons)
Nathan Merritt (Rabbitohs)
Sam Perrett (Roosters)
Lote Tuquiri (Tigers)

Dale Copely (Broncos)
Joel Thompson (Raiders)
Josh Morris (Bulldogs)
Dean Collis (Sharks)
Joseph Tomane (Titans)
William Hopoate (Sea Eagles)
Beau Champion (Storm)
Adam McDougall (Knights)
Joel Moon (Warriors)
Willie Tonga (Cowboys)
Paul Whatuira (Eels)
Michael Jennings (Panthers)
Matt Cooper (Dragons)
Greg Inglis (Rabbitohs)
Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Roosters)
Chris Lawrence (Tigers)

Justin Hodges (Broncos)
Jarrod Croker (Raiders)
Jamal Idris (Bulldogs)
Colin Best (Sharks)
Clinton Toopi (Titans)
Jamie Lyon (Sea Eagles)
Justin O’Neill (Storm)
Junior Sau’u (Knights)
Jerome Ropati (Warriors)
Will Tupou (Cowboys)
Joel Reddy (Eels)
Brad Tighe (Panthers)
Mark Gasnier (Dragons)
Dylan Farrell (Rabbitohs)
Kane Linnett (Roosters)
Blake Ayshford (Tigers)

Jharal Yow Yeh (Broncos)
Blake Ferguson (Raiders)
Steve Turner (Bulldogs)
Isaac Gordon (Sharks)
David Mead (Titans)
Michael Robertson (Sea Eagles)
Dane Nielsen (Storm)
James McManus (Knights)
Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
Antonio Winterstein (Cowboys)
Luke Burt (Eels)
Sandor Earl (Panthers)
Jason Nightingale (Dragons)
Chris McQueen (Rabbitohs)
Justin Carney (Roosters)
Beau Ryan (Tigers)

Darren Lockyer (Broncos)
Josh McCrone (Raiders)
Kris Keating (Bulldogs)
Wade Graham (Sharks)
Greg Bird (Titans)
Kieran Foran (Sea Eagles)
Gareth Widdop (Storm)
Jarrod Mullen (Knights)
James Maloney (Warriors)
Michael Morgan (Cowboys)
Daniel Mortimer (Eels)
Arana Taumata (Panthers)
Jamie Soward (Dragons)
John Sutton (Rabbitohs)
Todd Carney (Roosters)
Benji Marshall (Tigers)

Peter Wallace (Broncos)
Matt Orford (Raiders)
Trent Hodkinson (Bulldogs)
Tim Smith (Sharks)
Scott Prince (Titans)
Daly-Cherry Evans (Sea Eagles)
Cooper Cronk (Storm)
Beau Henry (Knights)
Brett Seymour (Warriors)
Jonathon Thurston (Cowboys)
Jeff Robson (Eels)
Luke Walsh (Panthers)
Ben Hornby (Dragons)
Chris Sandow (Rabbitohs)
Mitchell Pearce (Roosters)
Tim Moltzen (Tigers)

Shane Tronc (Broncos)
David Shillington (Raiders)
Ryan Tandy (Bulldogs)
Kade Snowden (Sharks)
Luke Bailey (Titans)
Jason King (Sea Eagles)
Adam Woolnough (Storm)
Chris Houston (Knights)
Sam Rapira (Warriors)
Matthew Scott (Cowboys)
Fui Fui Moi Moi (Eels)
Petero Civoniceva (Panthers)
Michael Weyman (Dragons)
Ben Ross (Rabbitohs)
Jason Ryles (Roosters)
Keith Galloway (Tigers)

Andrew McCullough (Broncos)
Alan Tongue (Raiders)
Michael Ennis (Bulldogs)
John Morris (Sharks)
Preston Campbell (Titans)
Matt Ballin (Sea Eagles)
Cameron Smith (Storm)
Isaac De Gois (Knights)
Shaun Berrigan (Warriors)
Aaron Payne (Cowboys)
Casey McGuire (Eels)
Kevin Kingston (Panthers)
Nathan Fien (Dragons)
Isaac Luke (Rabbitohs)
Jake Friend (Roosters)
Robbie Farah (Tigers)

Ben Hannant (Broncos)
Tom Learoyd-Lahrs (Raiders)
Aiden Tolman (Bulldogs)
Luke Douglas (Sharks)
Matthew White (Titans)
Brent Kite (Sea Eagles)
Brian Norrie (Storm)
Antonio Kaufusi (Knights)
Russell Packer (Warriors)
Tariq Sims (Cowboys)
Justin Poore (Eels)
Tim Grant (Panthers)
Trent Merrin (Dragons)
Dave Taylor (Rabbitohs)
Martin Kennedy (Roosters)
Todd Payten (Tigers)

Matt Gillett (Broncos)
Bronson Harrison (Raiders)
Frank Pritchard (Bulldogs)
Paul Gallen (Sharks)
Anthony Laffranchi (Titans)
Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles)
Sika Manu (Storm)
Cory Paterson (Knights)
Simon Mannering (Warriors)
Glenn Hall (Cowboys)
Ben Smith (Eels)
Michael Worrincy (Panthers)
Beau Scott (Dragons)
Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs)
Nate Myles (Roosters)
Gareth Ellis (Tigers)

Sam Thaiday (Broncos)
Joe Picker (Raiders)
Andrew Ryan (Bulldogs)
Anthony Tupou (Sharks)
Mark Minichello (Titans)
Shane Rodney (Sea Eagles)
Adam Blair (Storm)
Zeb Taia (Knights)
Feleti Mateo (Warriors)
Dane Hogan (Cowboys)
Nathan Hindmarsh (Eels)
Trent Waterhouse (Panthers)
Ben Creagh (Dragons)
Eddy Pettybourne (Rabbitohs)
Tom Symonds (Roosters)
Chris Heighington (Tigers)

13. LOCK
Corey Parker (Broncos)
Shaun Fensom (Raiders)
David Stagg (Bulldogs)
Jeremy Smith (Sharks)
Ashley Harrison (Titans)
Glenn Stewart (Sea Eagles)
Ryan Hinchcliffe (Storm)
Matt Hilder (Knights)
Micheal Luck (Warriors)
Dallas Johnson (Cowboys)
Justin Horo (Eels)
Luke Lewis (Panthers)
Dean Young (Dragons)
Michael Crocker (Rabbitohs)
Braith Anasta (Roosters)
Liam Fulton (Tigers)

Corey Parker (Broncos)
Jarrod Croker (Raiders)
Bryson Goodwin (Bulldogs)
Tim Smith (Sharks)
Scott Prince (Titans)
Jamie Lyon (Sea Eagles)
Cameron Smith (Storm)
Kurt Gidley (Knights)
James Maloney (Warriors)
Jonathon Thurston (Cowboys)
Luke Burt (Eels)
Michael Gordon (Panthers)
Jamie Soward (Dragons)
Chris Sandow (Rabbitohs)
Todd Carney (Roosters)
Benji Marshall (Tigers)

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