CCTV footage emerges of Ipswich shooting aftermath


FOOTAGE has emerged of police arriving at the address where a 16-year-old boy was shot, as the state's top cop backs the actions of his officers.

The video (see above) is from a neighbour's CCTV camera, and shows movement outside the Springfield residence in the lead-up to and aftermath of yesterday's shooting.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said all of his briefings involved Jai Hunt being armed with a knife.

"I will back those officers on what I've been told so far... that they made good choices good decisions to protect not only themselves but other members who were present at the time," Mr Stewart said today.

"All of my briefings have been that he rushed at police with a knife and they resorted to lethal force"

Mr Stewart said it was a difficult situation confronting police who "often have to react in a millisecond to decide what's best to do".

He said footage from body cameras been worn by police at the time would clarify what happened.

Earlier, the Queensland Police Union has refuted claims that a teenager shot by police during a domestic dispute southwest of Brisbane was unarmed when police opened fire.

Family friend Michelle Wykes, who says she was at the doctors at the time of the incident, arrived at the crime scene this morning and sensationally told media that police should not have shot teenager Jai Hunt, who allegedly confronted them with a knife.

"Jai did not have the knife when police shot him," she said.

"Jai would not stab anybody.

"He was running around the side of the house when he was shot."

Police have disputed this, saying yesterday the 16-year-old lunged at them with a knife.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers also denied Ms Wykes' claims.

"It's really not uncommon in these sort of police incidents where families come out and make claims that the offender was unarmed," he said.

"Without pre-empting the ethical standards investigation, I need to clear up this ridiculous claim by the family.

"The allegation the offender was unarmed when police defended themselves is patently untrue."

Mr Leavers said the police officers had body-worn videos which were "fully supportive of the actions of police".

He said police were confronted by the boy and that officers had use-of-force options available to them but if they were in "fear of grievous bodily harm or death" were "authorised and justified" to use their firearm to defend themselves or the life of somebody else.

"This is what happened yesterday afternoon," he said.

Mrs Wykes said Jai, who is believed to have Asperger's syndrome, was obsessed with knives.

She conceded Jai did have a knife while fighting with his father.

"It's not the first time he's grabbed a knife. But he doesn't hurt anybody. He might've thrown a punch but he wouldn't stab anybody.

"He has (knives) in his room - a few of them."

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