Explicit texts and videos meant to derail illicit affair

AN ATTEMPT to break up his brother-in-law's affair by sending sexually explicit text messages and videos has landed a man on a court-imposed good behaviour bond.

Brendan Francis Leeson, 51, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to using a carriage service to menace.

The court was told Leeson sent messages propositioning a woman - his sister's husband's mistress - in an attempt to end the affair.

Starting on September 20 last year, he sent messages to her work and personal phones saying he wanted "to play" and sent two videos to her of his genitals.

The woman initially hoped not responding would cause the messages to stop.

However, after the second video she took her concerns to the police.

The court was told she didn't know who was sending her the messages, but had come to recognise the number from the repeated texts.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said he was baffled by the behaviour and couldn't understand how Leeson thought his actions would help the situation.

"I'm struggling to see how (your actions) would work," he said.

Leeson said he thought the messages and videos would make his brother-in-law think the woman was seeing someone else and call off the affair.

"I regret my actions now," he said.

"I honestly didn't think I would end up here."

Leeson had no criminal history. Mr Quinn said he believed Leeson's age and lack of criminal history showed his actions were out of character.

"You are a mature person with no convictions and a responsible member of the community," he said.

"Something extraordinary must have happened to make you do this. There are just no circumstances when this is acceptable.

"It is clearly harassing and clearly offensive."

Mr Quinn said Leeson's clean record and mature age demonstrated he was otherwise a law-abiding member of the community. He was given a $500 good behaviour bond and no conviction was recorded.

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