Explicit texting leads to jail

MACKAY truck driver Rodney Thomas has been jailed for sending two very offensive and sexually insulting text messages to a registered nurse who was one of his Queensland Heath case workers.

Professionals such as nurses, who were simply going about their work, should not be subjected to such shocking abuse and they would be protected, just as police officers, ambulance officers and fire crews deserved protection while doing their duty, magistrate Damien Dwyer said.

Thomas, 50, suffers hepatitis C and was receiving treatment from a number of health workers, including a female nurse.

About 9am on Saturday, January 27, he sent her a text message from his mobile phone that started with the words “Hi sugar” and then became sexually explicit.

Later that same day the nurse received a second text that read, in part: “Hi babe I still want to...” and which referred to an insulting sexual act.

The nurse was shocked by the messages, prosecutor Bimal Raut told the court, and she contacted police. Scenes of crime officers photographed the messages before she deleted them.

The court heard that Thomas had previous convictions for offensive behaviour including a conviction for wilfully exposing himself with intent to insult.

Thomas pleaded guilty to using a telephone service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Mr Dwyer told him: “Your actions towards that nurse were disgusting, disgraceful and degrading. I’ve often said people in that position have to be protected; hospital workers, ambulance officers, all of them have a responsible job to do and don’t need this type of thing happening to them.”

Thomas was jailed for six months, to be released on parole after serving three months.

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