He was drunk, jealous and carrying a loaded rifle.
He was drunk, jealous and carrying a loaded rifle. Thinkstock

'Ex' turned up drunk, jealous and with a loaded rifle

A QUIET Friday night at home turned frightening for a woman and a friend when her ex-boyfriend turned up drunk holding a loaded rifle, Toowoomba District Court has been told.

William George Potters had earlier on the day of September 30 last year seen a man on the property of his ex-girlfriend near Clifton and wrongly concluded he was her new boyfriend, Crown prosecutor Shontelle Petrie told the court.

Potters had then started drinking beer at his property down the road until 6.30pm when he drove to the woman's home.

Barging through a screen door, the drunk and jealous Potters pointed the rifle at the other man.

Bravely, the woman stepped between the two men and calmly talked Potters down to lowering the rifle and leaving.

Police found Potters at his property about 9.40pm and even three hours after the incident, he blew a breath/alcohol reading of 0.184, Ms Petrie said.

Potters pleaded guilty to burglary while armed and two counts of common assault.

Ms Petrie said the incident had impacted significantly on the woman and her three children who had since moved away.

Defence barrister David Jones said his client had no previous criminal history and had led a productive life.

"It's unfortunate to see a 56-year-old man with no prior offences on such a serious offence," he said.

The incident stemmed from a combination of financial stress, the 14 stubbies of beer he said he had drunk in two hours before the incident and that "he desperately loved the woman down the road".

Judge Deborah Richards accepted it was "out of character" for Potters who had been "obviously a little deranged at the break-down of the relationship".

Judge Richards sentenced him to 18 months in jail but ordered he be released on parole on November 3 after having served six months.

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