CLOSE CALL: Bullfighter Dylan Swan in action at the Mulga Bullride in September.
CLOSE CALL: Bullfighter Dylan Swan in action at the Mulga Bullride in September. DSL Photography

Every millisecond counts for bullfighter

RODEO: Everything comes down to the millisecond for Dylan Swan.

The 22-year-old needs to be two steps ahead of everybody else around him, especially the giant bull charging towards him, in order to protect fallen riders from serious injury.

Swan has been involved in the rodeo scene all of his life and worked professionally as a bullfighter for the past five years around Queensland and in parts of New South Wales.

But it has not all been smooth sailing though.

He has broken multiple bones, been badly knocked out and the list goes on.

"You've got a lot of responsibility to protect people but you've also got a lot of families and children that look up to you and take an interest in the sport and it's up to you to educate them,” Swan said.

"Everything is all about timing with bullfighting. Everything is right down to the millisecond.

"Without me, the riders are in 100 per cent more (at) risk of getting injured or getting run over by the bull once they have exited the ride.”

Swan is often asked why he puts his body on the line but it's an easy answer - bullfighting is his passion.

"A lot of people think you're crazy for doing it but I live and breathe it,” he said. "I've always been involved in rodeos through my family. I rode a lot of young stock and roped when I was younger but I slowly got out of it and got into bullfighting.

"I train very hard, I stay very fit, I don't drink and I eat healthy.”

Although it seems like an endeavour only for the fearless, the Mount Walker cowboy said the nerves still come and go, especially at the bigger shows.

He admits it can't be an easy watch for his family and friends.

"My girlfriend used to get really worried but she's more used to it now,” he said.

Swan will be in the thick of the action as the Gatton Hawks host their second Gatton Bullride at Cahill Park on Saturday from 4pm to raise funds for the club.

For more information, visit the Gatton Hawks Facebook page.

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