Esk starts extensive clean up

FOUR months after the banks of Redbank Creek broke and inundated Esk, work has begun on a large scale clean up.

The project was a collaborative effort with Somerset Regional Council and SEQ Catchments with the Green Army assisting along the way.

Co-ordinator of the clean up and Coominya resident, Robyn McIntosh, said there were more than five kilometres of waterways that needed to be cleaned up.

“We are going to start at the bridge just past the caravan park and keep going from there all the way to the end of the houses at the end of Esk- Hampton Road,” she said.

“We are going to do the best we can to beautify the town and to stop any future risk.”

Ms McIntosh said all repair sites would be assessed individually.

“DERM has given us guidelines that we have to follow about what we can touch and what we can't, so anything that is lying within the flow of the creek must stay.”

Esk resident, Anne Ross, has a property on the banks of Redbank Creek and said the clean up was a great step forward.

“I think it's wonderful because a lot of people aren't able to do the big part of the clean up themselves,” she said.

“We have worked on cleaning up our side and we are still doing so, but we are concerned about the big trees lying near the creek because there is always the possibility that it could flood again.

“The creek is normally just a trickle and now it's a shallow river, but during the flood it was a raging river.”

Mrs Ross said many of her neighbours had problems during the flood and have had some since.

“A lot of my neighbours lost a lot of their trees and some of their driveways, so a couple of people had access problems for a while,” she said.

“Let's hope this is successful because I am looking forward to it.

“We were very lucky, and if the bridge hadn't broken downstream we would have had a lot of problems. It was too close for comfort.”

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