100 YEARS STRONG: Erich Zischke said even at aged 100, he still feels the same.
100 YEARS STRONG: Erich Zischke said even at aged 100, he still feels the same. Francis Witsenhuysen

Erich reveals his secret to longevity

ERICH Zischke's secret to living a long and healthy life is to "remain calm and stress less”.

The Lockyer Valley local is living proof of his advice, as he celebrated his 100th birthday with friends and loved ones at Laidley's Tabeel Lutheran Home last Thursday.

Mr Zischke said his secret to longevity was to keep moving as much as possible and to not take life too seriously.

"If you're moving a lot, you don't get too stiff,” Mr Zischke laughed.

"Just don't worry about life too much, just keep doing what you have to do.

"Turning one hundred makes no difference to me, I still feel the same as I did as a younger man. All you can really hope for is a good heart and a good stomach.”

Mr Zischke's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and Lockyer Valley Deputy Mayor Jason Cook joined in the celebrations at Tabeel Lutheran Home by singing Happy Birthday and enjoying morning tea.

Several congratulatory messages were sent to Mr Zischke from Her Majesty The Queen, the Prime Minister of Australia, Governor General, the Premier of Queensland and local MP Ian Rickuss.

Mr Zischke's son Neville said his father had always been in pretty good health.

"He's always had good blood pressure and isn't on any medication, only Telfast,” he said.

"He still actively plays indoor bowls, which he loves.”

Having lived in the Lockyer Valley his entire life, Mr Zischke owned a heavy produce farm in Tent Hill with his wife Elizabeth.

For over 50 years, he was heavily involved in the Gatton Show Society as the chief produce steward.

"Those years on the farm were rewarding,” Mr Zischke said.

"I bought the first Ferguson tractor in Gatton in the 1950s too.”

Mr Zischke's long standing doctor Mohummed Sultan said he was in incredible health for his age.

"Erich's always up for a laugh, so instead of giving him chocolate as a present, we've wrapped up a stethoscope to remind him that chocolate isn't good for him,” Dr Sultan said.

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